We Need Pulpit Pounding Prophets That Preach! – John D. in Mo.

We Need Pulpit Pounding Prophets That Preach!

May 9, 2021 4:24 PM
John D. in Mo.
A very blunt warning to the church, to do what they were put on this earth to do, and that is PREACH THE GOSPEL!

If I could only use one word in order to describe the utterly pathetic state of the modern church of these last days, it would be Ichabod..the glory has departed. This rebuke to the church has been building up in me for about six months or more, and it has to come out. It is more specifically a rebuke to the thousands on the internet involved in prophetic ministry. Most in the modern church…as a whole, have completely lost their bearing, they have lost their morals, their ability to discern sound biblical doctrine, their ability to think for themselves, and pretty much lost what’s left of their facebook and youtube filled mind.

What I want to deal with here is prophecy, specifically those who have websites, youtube channels, etc., and are supposedly receiving dreams, visions, words of wisdom, etc. from the Lord. In my opinion almost ALL of of it is completely false. In the past year of 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic raging, the church has been chasing one prophetic word after another, one dream after another, and one vision after another. The church as a whole, (I know there are some exceptions, but very few) has ceased to function in the purpose to which the Lord placed us here in the first place…to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

The church falls for the same old clap trap, dog and pony show time after time. One gimmick, fad, or so called prophet after another. Rank error nearly everywhere you turn to on youtube, facebook, christian websites, and thousands of blogs that for the most part are “Christian” in name only. The latest thing that took the world and the church by storm about a year ago, was a man named Dana Coverstone, a pastor who after the Covid-19 crisis began here in the U.S.,..started having prophetic dreams of impending judgement from the Lord. (I am not judging this mans heart, I believe he loves the Lord, and he has not claimed to be a prophet, but I believe his dreams are false in regard to setting dates in prophecy, and seem WAY too detailed, and patriotic in nature.) A few short weeks after this man released his first video about his dream, in which he saw everyone in his dream wearing face masks, (The thing is.. he came forward with this dream AFTER everyone was ALREADY wearing face masks because of Covid-19 pandemic …NOT BEFORE the pandemic…so keep that in mind.) his name was known by millions of people in the CHURCH and in the WORLD, by the means of videos posted throughout all the internet.

Did you catch what I just said? The church AND the world? Friends…that’s a BIG warning sign that almost everyone always misses. And that is: Any new fad, gimmick, or new cyber-celebrity that both the CHURCH and the WORLD fall for, is always to be looked at as highly suspicious, and avoided until proved otherwise by the word of almighty God. The lie is always gobbled up by BOTH the church AND the secular world, while the TRUTH is seldom received by either. (Remember the Purpose Driven Life scam that the world AND the church went nuts over, and countless other scams that invaded both the church and the world?) A lie will travel clear around the world, before the truth can even get out the door.

Did Israel…the church of the Old Testament, receive the truth? (Jesus Christ) Not hardly. Some things never change do they? Radio hosts, alt. news websites, and countless other ministries have been scrambling for months now, trying to get Coverstone on their programs, not to preach the gospel….but to talk about his dreams. I wonder how many people have died and gone to hell, who might have responded to the gospel, if these ministries were PREACHING, instead of interviewing Coverstone about every one of his new dreams. I wonder also, how many souls might have recently been saved if Coverstone spent most of his time PREACHING the Gospel, instead of now constantly talking about his dreams? Only God knows. Personally, I have become so utterly disgusted with the modern church, and false prophets, that have said things such as “The Lord told me that Donald Trump would win the 2020 election.” that I want to throw up. The state of this present day church is literally sickening. (Rev. 3;16) “So then because thou art luke warm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

This is why the judgements of God have been ongoing for over a year now, because of the repulsive, wicked, and wimpy state of the apostate church. It’s not ENTIRELY because of the wicked world…the judgements are now on US, (the church) because of the putrid condition of the house of God. Judgement starts FIRST with the church. (1Peter 4:17) Several months ago, I sent the following email on 12/16/20 to someone who posted every new dream that Dana Coverstone came out with on his website. (Coverstone back in 2020, dreamed that the Democratic presidential candidate would die on 12/17/20, or some calamity might occur.) I stated in my email to this individual the following: “There will be no calamitous event, or death of Biden happen tomorrow. (Dec.17) Right now, it’s all about Dana Coverstone…four years ago, it was all about Mark Taylor. Before him, pastor T. D. Hale, and his dreams. If only the wicked, backslidden church of this age would stop doting over every word and the dreams of A MAN, and spent their time off the internet, and in the word of THE MAN Christ Jesus! This is the reason judgement is coming…but not tomorrow.” And of course, nothing happened. Millions of poor dumb sheep fooled again. Sickening. Utterly sickening foolishness. Ichabod

Why can’t people see through this type of error? There are thousands of Christians, (so called) all over the internet saying things such as: (The following I’m just making it up, using it as an example) “God showed me that on Aug.3, 2021, that California will be destroyed by an 9.0 earthquake.” And the stupid bible illiterate church stands around with their mouth wide open in shock and says: “WOW!! Did you hear what the Lord told Bro. So and So was going to happen to California on Aug. the 3rd ? Reply: “Yes, I sure did… but did you also hear what is supposed to happen on Aug.10th? Do you know why this kind of false prophetic garbage excites even mature Christians who should know better?

It’s because they are no longer satisfied and excited by sitting alone in silence, with no distractions, in the presence of Almighty God, that’s why. Most cannot abstain from the time-consuming, perverse technology of this world for even one stinking hour. They fear getting alone with God in the secret place, because the Lord might put his finger on one of their pet sins that they know they must give up, (or their filthy mouths filled with profanity) so they keep themselves occupied chasing some new exciting prophetic word on the internet. And since most of the church does not pray, and study the Bible daily in quiet fellowship with the Lord, the church as a whole, has the spiritual I.Q. equal to that of a mud puddle. they simply cannot discern truth from error.

I want to deal for a minute with some of the so called “watchmen” on the radio, websites and internet. For the most part, they are a sickening display of true Christianity. Some of them claim to have been saved for forty or fifty years, yet many cannot even do a one hour talk show, without curse words coming out of their filthy mouths. I guess these great “spiritual giants” think that using profanity makes them feel like great powerful leaders, and that we need their “inside information.” They may be spiritual giants in their own eyes, but in God’s eyes, (and in the eyes of God’s true servants) they are nothing more than spiritual midgets.

I don’t care if you claim to have been saved for seventy-five years.. when you can’t do a one hour talk show that you know is being recorded and archived, (More importantly, God is archiving them) without using profanity…what good is your testimony? I wonder what flies out of their mouths in the privacy of their own homes? I heard one self-proclaimed “watchman” back in Aug.2020, who likes to proclaim: “There’s power in the blood of Jesus”… just several minutes later shouting loudly in anger: “B.S!…B.S!…B.S! (the full two word profanity) three times in a row. Ichabod. I’m from “The Show Me State”.. so don’t TELL me about the blood of Jesus…SHOW ME what the blood of Jesus has done in YOUR OWN life. It is very obvious that with many of them, it’s not very much. Preach the gospel, and if necessary…use words. ( go back and read that again) In other words, let the very conduct of your life be like a soul winning sermon without words. The way you live your life may be the only Bible that someone ever reads.

So what is the catalyst that is going to wake up this present worldly, wicked church? Great tribulation and persecution, that’s what. Works every time. It has already started, and much more is on the way, but most of the church believes in a secret rapture BEFORE Jesus returns. Those that believe and teach this lie from the pit of hell, will be in shock when their prophecy charts don’t match up to the way that world events are actually unfolding before their very eyes…when the wars and famines that we in America have watched on T.V. going on in OTHER countries, will soon be taking place inside our very OWN country. Thought that the year 2020 was bad? Sadly, the real fireworks have not even started yet. I’m sorry, but most of those in the pre-trib doctrine will end up taking the mark of the beast. The deceived secret pre-trib rapture pastors proclaiming: “This new mandatory law cannot be the mark of the beast, because the “rapture” hasn’t happened yet.” Enough said on that subject. Man the puke buckets. Utterly sickening. Ichabod.

Concerning a large portion of the charismatic church, it’s like they have just plain gone insane. They have become completely obsessed with trying to promote themselves on their own websites, and on youtube, facebook, etc. They try to make others think that they are prophets, and that they are extra special in the eyes of the Lord, by telling their dreams and visions, and by announcing and setting dates on which the Lord supposedly told them that judgement or destruction was coming, (prophetic date setters are among the worst of the bunch….I have an article about these folks, titled: “Common Traits Of Those That Set Dates) and supposedly getting words from the Lord every day. I’m sorry…getting words from the Lord EVERY day?….that just flat out doesn’t happen, (if you think that it does, you are wrong!) but you wouldn’t know that by some of the blogs, and self-promoting websites where these phonies post their daily prognostications.

We are NOT to promote ourselves. Psalms (75:6-7) “For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge, he putteth down one, and setteth up another.” John the baptist did not go to town and set up a platform with a stage, and a bright neon sign that says: “The prophet has now arrived!” NO! He didn’t need to go to the people…the people came to him! They could not put their finger on it, but they knew that there was something WAY different about this man. John the Baptist’s power and anointing didn’t come to him because he had a ministry. NO! The power and anointing came on him due to his lengthy PREPARATION for ministry! This is the problem with the current prophetic movement…the emphasis is on MINISTRY, and little or no emphasis on PREPARATION for ministry.

John the baptist made some people mad, some glad, and some to tremble with fear, because the anointing of the Holy Ghost was on him, and in him. When he spoke, it was with such power and authority, that it was like God himself speaking…so much so, that the people wondered if he was the very Christ who was to come! John was no limp-wristed “don’t rock the boat” kind of fellow. NO! He got right up into the faces of the wicked church of his day…the Pharisees and the Sadducees and said, “Oh generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” John got up in their face and called them snakes! This is the kind of men we need today! Mark my words…they may be hidden right now, but they are coming out of obscurity very soon. Before a man of God can stand before others in PUBLIC, he must first spend years kneeling before God in PRIVATE. The modern church has forgotten this great truth.

When a man has been set aside for YEARS in isolation.. (I’m not talking ten or fifteen months..NO!..I’m talking ten or fifteen YEARS!) being broken, purged, afflicted and humbled..putting God FIRST above everything else…even making money…with sin being sand-blasted out of his life, through constant purging and affliction….being truly liberated from sin through the message of the cross, this kind of person is a fearful thing to sinners… it scares them to death! John the Baptist was not arrogant, he was bold in the Lord, because of the anointing of the Holy Spirit!

“The wicked flee when no man pursueth, but the righteous are BOLD AS A LION.” (Prov.28:1) If there was ever a time that we needed some real prophets in this country, it is right now. We need some LIONS behind the pulpits, not the limp-wristed, soft-spoken, pathetic wimps that we have now behind the pulpits of the sold-out spiritual whorehouses known as the modern church. And if that offends you, put on your big boy/big girl pants, and deal with it. Would you like to join my fan club?…… I didn’t think so.

I have literally laughed out loud at some of the prophetic websites sites, and so called prophets using the term “Elijah come out of your cave” (Meaning to get out and get going in your prophetic ministry) What a sad sickening joke. As if there was a LACK of people who call themselves prophets, and a lack of prophetic ministries. The problem is, if the truth be known, probably 95% of them are false prophets, and not called by God into the ministry in the first place.

Elijah come out of your cave? Buffalo Chips. In order to come OUT of your cave, you first have to go INTO your cave…most all have skipped the first part. Most have never enrolled in the “University of the Backside of The Desert.” Meaning long term isolation in silence…in the secret place of the most high God, learning to hear the still small voice. Here is probably the average cave experience: “But…you just don’t know what I’ve been through…I got dumped by my girlfriend, then my dog died, then I spent six months alone in my room in prayer, Bible study, and fasting. Also during that time, I had a toothache, and an ingrown toenail. Woe is me…I am the man that has seen affliction! I know I am a prophet..I just know it. I looked it up on the internet! I’ve paid a heavy price. Put me out there Lord…I’m ready for ministry now!”

So you want to be a prophet?.. Multiply your afflictions by twenty, and your six months alone in your room in prayer by at least twenty, (ten or more years) then you will ONLY have a good start. Got cable T.V.? Cancel it. Are you posting all the time on youtube, facebook, and other time-wasters? Get off. Get into your closet, get your face out of facebook, and get your face into THE BOOK, (the KJV), then get your face on the floor, to get your own revelation of the Lord’s will for your life. It took Moses forty HOURS to get out of Egypt, but it took forty YEARS to get Egypt out of Moses. John the Baptist was out in the desert for twenty years or more, before he made his appearance on the scene. Elisha spent ten years or more being trained in person, under the watchful eye of Elijah. The apostle Paul spent three years in Arabia alone, gaining the intimacy and revelation from the Lord that he needed to write most of the New Testament. (Some believe Paul may have even spent thirteen years or so in the deserts of Arabia.)

Several months ago, I read that David Wilkerson quoted someone who stated that “Most real prophets are unknown.” Wilkerson himself was in agreement with that statement, and it absolutely bears witness with my spirit also. Leonard Ravenhill once spoke to a class of pastors and Bible School students, and he said something very interesting…a sort of dry rebuke to them. He said: “It takes God twenty years to make a man, it took Him twenty years to make John the Baptist..then he preached for only six months. You boys went to Bible School for six months, and have been preaching for twenty years…no wonder you are dry.” Think about that…what a statement! Bravo, Bro. Ravenhill! Well done thy good and faithful servant.

The only kind of man that God can truly use, is a broken man. Broken in heart, broken in mind, broken in body, and broken in spirit. The wills, wants, and wishes of THIS world must be beaten out of a true man of God, with many painful stripes, so that he can finally say: “Not my will be done…but Thy will be done.” There are not very many that pass this kind of test. That’s why there are VERY few real prophets. Almost all that are on youtube, facebook, blogs, websites…and especially in the churches are false. The very fact that they are still in the churches SHOWS that they are false! Do you think that you would find Elijah in a whorehouse?……I rest my case.

The REAL prophets were led by the Lord to get out of these spiritual houses of ill repute years ago. Most that are still in the church, are in it for money…they teach money, they preach money, and where money is NOT the issue, getting their name know is. (exalting themselves) When they aren’t doing this, they are telling their dreams and visions, or doing so called “personal prophecies.” Things like: “Hold on just a minute Brother..the Lord just spoke to me..and just told me that you are having back trouble.” Back trouble?.. Give me a break. Who in the world over forty years old ISN’T having back trouble? Ichabod. Oh God, shut these spiritual houses of ill repute down!

God molded John the Baptist for ministry, so he could prepare God’s people for the coming ministry of Jesus Christ on this earth..which lasted for three and one half years. Once more, God is doing this same thing…he is molding and shaping his TRUE prophets to prepare Gods true people for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. John was not drawing crowds by telling a bunch of dreams and visions, and personal prophecies. He was preaching fire and brimstone, with power and authority under a might anointing of the Holy Ghost! There is no record in scripture of John doing any miracles, having dreams or visions, yet Jesus said that he was the greatest prophet that ever lived. John was no self promoting schemer-dreamer.. he was a hard core, get-in-your-face, snake-killing, pulpit pounding, preacher of repentance!

I see hardly anyone preaching these days, who has a real understand of the times that we are now in. (There are a few, but they are few indeed) It is my personal belief that we are VERY close to entering into the time of tribulation spoken of by our Lord Jesus in Matthew chapter 24, or that we have indeed ALREADY entered into it. But as usual, the wimpy, wicked, wayward church is clueless. And those few who do somewhat know where we are prophetically, are too busy posting nonsense on the internet to care. Their time is spent with things like: “Did you hear about what Dana Coverstone dreamed is going to happen soon?” Reply: “Yes I sure did!….but did you know that Bro. So and So had a vision that Donald Trump will be back in power as the president of the United States by the end of this Summer?” Oh, God…purge this wicked religion out of your church!

We now at this present hour need TRUE prophets..and by that I mean PREACHERS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. It is critical for the men and women of God to know the time and season that we are entering into, because the hour is now very, very late prophetically. The hour of the watchman is coming to a VERY rapid close. The time to warn people is now probably about 95% over. We no longer need watchmen to warn that the communists are going to take control. Are you kidding me? They have ALREADY taken control. We do not need to be warned that food shortages, and shortages of every kind are coming. They are ALREADY here! We do not need to be warned that persecution is coming…it ALREADY here. We do not need to hear about your dreams, visions, and your “inside information.” It does not save souls…only Holy Ghost anointed PREACHING saves souls, and that’s exactly what church is supposed to be doing, not tomorrow..TODAY! (2 Cor:6:2) “Behold, now is the day of salvation.”

We do not need to hear preachers preaching that “great tribulation IS COMING in a few years.” In a few years?? As I said, we have likely ALREADY entered into that time period. When a ship has ALREADY struck an iceberg, and is taking on water and sinking, the watchman who was supposed to be looking for icebergs is no longer needed! Get it? The watchman NOW spends the precious few minutes left before the ship sinks, by quickly helping people get in life rafts. ( Preaching the Gospel) The time for warning is over. It’s now time to PREACH with Holy Ghost fire and anointing! Those that are telling the church that the ship is “GOING to sink”..tune them out, because the ship is sinking RIGHT NOW!! Put on your eternal life vest, and enter your lifeboat, (Jesus Christ) because from here on out, it’s stormy wind, rain and high seas, until the Lord comes back in flaming fire!

I do not want anyone to think that I despise prophecies, because I do not. I despise FALSE prophets and FALSE prophecies. I myself am saved, and Spirit-filled. In the last six months or so, I have had three visions, and four spiritual dreams. (Yippie! look at me…boy, aren’t I the great and mighty spiritual one?) But what if I stood before an audience and told everyone exactly what I thought each one of these dreams and visions meant…what good would it do, or what difference would it make?

Would anyone in the audience get convicted of sin, repent, fall on their knees and ask Jesus Christ into their life? Forget it, I seriously doubt it. Someone might say: “Well.the reason I post my dreams and visions is to warn people about what is coming.” Okay…I get that. But all of that which is coming is only TEMPORARY!! What is nuclear war, economic collapse and famine, in comparison to never ending torment in ETERNAL hellfire? Here is a hypothetical analogy: In August of 1945, the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were literally destroyed by atomic weapons, dropped by U. S. bomber aircraft. What if a true prophet of the Lord would have been in Hiroshima, and had warned one month in advance that this city was going to be destroyed, yet only one young man, who was twenty-five years old at the time, believed, and moved out of the city in advance of the destruction.

Yet the prophet only warned of DESTRUCTION coming…he did not preach SALVATION to this young man. So the young man moved seventy five miles away, to another city, and lived fifty more years…yet he died lost, never hearing the gospel. You tell me…what difference does it make if you die and go to hell in 1945, or you die and go to hell in 1995? Yes, he avoided atomic destruction, (which was temporary…Nagasaki was rebuilt generations ago.) but he did NOT avoid hell. (he now is in torment, and will forever be there for eternity.) Eternal priorities are the main issue at this current late hour, but the modern church just can’t see that..they are as spiritually dumb as a burlap sack full of brass hammers. had better snap out of it. Do you think that the Lord is pleased with this nonsense? Your priorities are totally out of whack. Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and if you want to warn… then WARN ABOUT HELLFIRE!! Souls that are in hell, are there forever…there is no escape from hell. Preach the cross!

I believe we are now on the verge of a mighty shift in the wind spiritually. God has been preparing an elite army of spiritual war veterans who have not spent MONTHS..but YEARS doing nothing but sitting at the feet of Christ, being afflicted by His loving hand, chastened, and purged from the things of this world, and learning to hear the still small voice. As I said in one of my other articles… the funerals of many wayward watchmen, phony prophets, and perverse preachers, are being arranged right now by the Lord…and there has never been a problem in the church that the Lord couldn’t solve by arranging a few “good” funerals. They soon will be gone, and those that replace them will be the REAL deal, specifically molded, shaped, and highly anointed by the Spirit of God, for such a time as this.

The backslidden church has been hypnotized by this modern phony prophetic movement. Most of it is a scam. Where are all the “prophets” that said that the Lord told them that “Donald Trump would be re-elected again as president?” (a 50 percent chance to get it right, yet they STILL blew it.) Most went back into their cave, to hide in shame for a season. Don’t worry, they will be back soon enough, they can’t stay out of the lime light for very long. As I said before, only the Lord knows how many people have died and gone to hell in this past year, while the church dotes over every word of Dana Coverstone and many other so called “prophets” and their latest new dream or vision. The role of the TRUE prophet is that of a preacher of righteousness! Do you get it? Do you understand what I am saying? The time of our pilgrimage on this earth is nearly over…gossiping and doting over dreams and visions is NOT saving anyone’s soul from an eternity in the lake of fire. Please! Snap out of it will you… PREACH THE GOSPEL! PREACH THE CROSS!

Most in the modern church who are caught up in this phony prophetic movement believe that if someone has received a dream or a vision, or has received a word of wisdom from the Lord, that this automatically means that this person is a prophet. NOT SO! Yes, many true prophets do have dreams and visions, but there are many in the church, who are Spirit filled, who have dreams and visions also, and receive words from the Lord, that are NOT prophets. they are simply operating in the gifts of the Spirit. In this current phony prophetic movement, EVERYONE wants to be a prophet, and thousands upon thousands are saying that they are prophets. If there really are this many TRUE prophets in active ministry, then why is our country and the CHURCH in total and complete shambles? Somebody is lying…hmm…I wonder who it could be?

Anyone who “wants” to be prophet, more than likely has not counted the cost. You do not “want” to be a prophet. God has to take a prophet, strip away all hope of the flesh, show him what a worm that he REALLY is, then beat him nearly half to death with many stripes, and YEARS of chastisements, until the things of THIS WORLD grow strangely dim, and lose all appeal. This is the majority of a prophets ministry! Mighty glamorous huh?…still want to sign up? You do not WANT to be a prophet… you are CALLED to be a prophet by Almighty God, and then you are trained for this calling by God, and by God alone, in isolation, and silence. A true man of God must completely die to self…all of HIS dreams, all of HIS ambitions, all of HIS wants and HIS wishes must be crucified with Christ at the cross. A servant of God means a slave of God. The modern church is all about finding “FREEDOM.” There are precious few who are signing up for “SLAVERY”…yet this is what a true prophet must be, a slave to Christ…and only as a slave of Christ will you find TRUE freedom.

Jesus was the son of the living God, but he was also a prophet..the only prophet that ever walked on the face of this earth, that never sinned in word, thought, or deed. The time that he spent in training BEFORE he went into public ministry was incredible…thirty years of training, for a ministry that only lasted three and one-half years. That’s 89.6% of his life devoted to training…and only 10.4% in actual ministry! With all of the thousands of phony prophets who promote themselves on blogs, websites, and on facebook, youtube, etc., its quite apparent to ME, that most of them have probably spent about 89.6% of their time in PUBLIC ministry, and only about 10.4% of their time in PREPARATION for ministry in PRIVATE. Most all need to shut down their websites, head out to the desert, diligently seek the Lord, and completely start over.

Most of their words are dry as a bone. If you want dry words, then make self promotion, and the wet kisses of public applause your devotion. If you want moist, anointed words saturated with the oil of the Holy Spirit, then head to the desert, and let God, and him alone be your devotion. The modern church, as usual, has everything backwards. If Jesus, the sinless son of God needed such an amazingly long time in preparation for ministry, how much more us poor, pitiful human beings?

A TRUE prophet is accepted by GOD, and rejected by MEN. The sign of a true prophet’s effectiveness is determined by how unpopular he is. Boy…that leaves out most so called prophets in the churches, on websites, youtube, blogs and facebook…their “friends” applauding them with “likes” and “thumbs up”, with an almost cult-like following. (Jesus said in Luke 6:26: “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets”) A true prophet has very few, if ANY friends, except for the friend that sticks closer than a brother. (Prov 18:24)

A true prophet lives completely in another world.. in the secret place of the most high, where secrets are reveled to him in secret. He does not fit in at ALL with the modern church, and he most assuredly does not fit in with the world. A true prophet is slandered and hated while he is alive, and he is exalted as a hero when he is dead! In the eyes of the church and the world, a true prophet has fallen to the status of a complete and utter failure, but in the eyes of God, he has risen to the status of “friend” (James 2:23)

Most of his life is spent hidden and unknown, being established by God, by intense prayer, study, purging, affliction, chastisement, loneliness and isolation. When he is finally ready to preach publicly, he only lasts for a short season, because his words of rebuke penetrate the hearts of the wicked, backslidden church with such fire and conviction, that the church rises up like snarling, rabid wolves, and takes him out….and I DON”T mean on a date.

The church of the O.T. killed the prophets sent by the Lord, and it will be no different now that we are at the end of the age. A prophet is misunderstood by even the Godliest in the church, because of his passion, his seriousness in being holy, his hard message of rebuke, and his lack of compromise. One minute he can be shouting loudly… pounding the podium, the next he is weeping, unable to speak, because his heart is broken, and because he feels the very heartbeat of God. These are but a few of the earmarks of a true man of God.

Once again, the deceived church has it’s priorities completely out of place. It is utterly and TOTALLY obsessed with those that FORETELL the future, yet as I keep saying…the main thrust, and earmark of a true prophet is NOT that of FORETELLING.. it is that of… FORTHTELLING, (as in a preacher of righteousness.) The wicked wayward modern church wants their Starbucks coffee in the pew, their future told, throw in some entertainment, and while you are at it…speak LOTS of prosperity and positivity. But don’t dare talk to them about their sins that they must repent of. We can’t have that now can we? Just wait a tiny bit longer..the REAL prophets are about to arrive on the scene, and when they do, there will be a lot of sweating and squirming in the pews, because the message will be anything but positive, this I can assure you. Mighty Men of God are coming, with an anointing on them that has taken years in the hidden secret place of the most high God to obtain.

They didn’t get this anointing by being in ministry known by the PUBLIC, they received it by ministering to GOD…and weeping for souls in PRIVATE. The hidden REAL prophets that are about to burst onto the scene, will be UNKNOWN to the church, but they have been KNOWN by God for years. Great tribulation, and persecution is about to jerk the slack out of the rope of these so called churches…and VERY soon I might add. The pre-tribbers will be shocked when they start getting “handcuffed and captured” instead of “secretly raptured.”

This will be the time when the REAL prophets will be given a platform by the Lord himself, with an anointing on them so strong, that sinners in the pew will literally feel like they have been sucker-punched in the gut with Holy Spirit conviction. Sinners and backslidden church members alike, will literally scream in terror, running to the altar weeping…feeling like they are holding onto a rotten branch dangling over the fires of hell. Do you think I am kidding? This will happen soon, because the end of all things is at hand.

Listen to me. I have a message for you. We are in the days of Noah right now. Back on 11/15/20 at 5:57am., the Lord spoke two words to me: “NOAH’S TIME” I am warning you friends, in all seriousness….this is the word of the Lord. We are now presently in “Noah’s Time” right now…the time that Jesus spoke of in Mat.24. Noah was a preacher of righteousness, and this is what we need RIGHT NOW for this time, righteous holy men, to preach holiness and righteousness! This is no time to play around telling, you had better start preaching, and preaching hard. Pound the pulpits.. eternal souls are at stake!

The judgements of God are now falling worldwide, and especially in the U.S., because the church of Jesus Christ is in total and complete shambles. The land is covered with spiritual whorehouses ran by prosperity and positivity pimps, who make merchandise of men. I wonder how many pastors will speak this kind of horrible message behind the pulpits of the land this coming Sunday morning: “You know, the Lord just wanted me to tell you this morning, that there is a “Champion” inside you, that’s just waiting to come out.” (Where’s the puke bucket…I’m feeling sick again.)

I’m sorry..but there is no CHAMPION that needs to come out of most in the modern church… there is a DEVIL that needs to come out in the name of Jesus! It used to be in America years ago, that in the churches there was a lot of NEGATIVE preaching, and a lot of POSITIVE living, now days, all we have is POSITIVE preaching, and a lot of NEGATIVE living. Utterly shameful religious wickedness. Ichabod.

One can make an idol out of anything…even something good, like prophetic ministry. This is exactly what is happening right now. The Old Testament church took a good thing, (the bronze serpent) and turned it into an idol, and burned incense to it, until Hezekiah put a stop to this nonsense. What we have right now is rank idolatry in the form of fawning and doting over the words of those who say that they are prophets, (and are not) and gossiping over dreams and visions. Some of this is legit., I understand that, and as I said, I myself am Spirit filled, and I have had spiritual dreams and visions, even recently. I do not despise prophecies. But this nonstop constant gossiping of endless dreams, visions and empty prophecies…and the almost WORSHIP of those that are posting these things MUST STOP NOW! God is not at all pleased with this…and if you think that He is, then you are definitely hearing something different than I am from the Lord.

There are over seven billion people on this planet right now, and most of them are lost. There is not one single person right now that is being snatched out the fires of hell, by a phony prophet, or prophetess, telling their dreams and visions. GET WITH THE PROGRAM CHURCH! Watchman. warning time is almost over. What in the world is there left to warn about? Watchman…start preaching! Prophet..start preaching! We need some hard core Holy Ghost anointed men of God to start pounding the podium with power and conviction in what they preach! If pounding the podium doesn’t wake up the pew puppets, then kick the podium over, start up a chainsaw, and cut the podium in half. Now THAT would be an attention-getter. Preach the Blood of Jesus! Preach the cross! Away with these limp-wristed, smiley-faced, perverse preachers of prosperity and positivity!



Bro. John D. in Mo.

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