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We March Through the Shadow of Death – LynL

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We March Through the Shadow of Death

May 23, 2024 10:49 PM


You will be in the forefront bringing in my harvest. Those you thought would never have hope, due to lifestyle, habits, and beliefs, will turn around, on a dime. There will be nothing that we cannot accomplish as we work together in pairs and collectively.

We are the “Army of God”. We are his hands and feet and Word. We keep his commandments and show our love, through being part of him.

We march thru the shadow of death, to find those souls, which are his and has always been. No stone will be unturned, to find those who are lost and in need of repair.

Focus on what can be rather than what “can’t” be for I Am God and make the impossible, possible. We are strong, to fight for what is right.

Love will always be the answer to change.

I will not fear, I will not faulter. I will keep my eyes, straight forward. Each hurdle I encounter, will be another soul saved. The love of Christ will be transferred to the masses. Revival hits with pinpoint accuracy. There is nothing we cannot accomplish with God at our side. We are few in number, but that makes no difference. for we are one with the One, I Am.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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