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We have work to do – AJ


We have work to do

September 28, 2020 5:47 AM

Hello. Today is 28/09/2020.

I’m simply and faithfully sharing what was shown to me in a dream.

I was set in the throne room of heaven and God was seated on the throne. And I could hear a voice speaking scripture “a fire goes before Him…” and what was written in Revelations chapter 4 verse 5. “And from the throne proceeded lightnings, thunderings….” And I saw the lightning striking the ground fiercely and I was kneeling down with my face bowed down as I looked. Then God suddenly got up from his throne and he had something like a scepter in his hand. I didnt see his face but he was in white garments and he appeared very very powerful that no one could stand against him. As I saw all this the voice was still speaking and praising God saying “no one can stand up to him”. And I saw some that stood up to him but they did not prevail and the voice was speaking to me and saying “watch and see how he defeats them”. And God was simply using his scepter and pushing them through portals that opened up and closed and it was all in slow motion.
After that I was standing with a few others before the throne and I knew we were the only humans there. God had some very important work and he was seeking people who could do it.

So someone who I believe to be an angel came proclaiming the matter with an urgency and his hand was raised up in the air speaking very loudly. He had in his hand a bunch of papers binded together almost like in several small files and these were the tasks or the missions that God wanted to hand out. So the angel begun speaking to us the humans who were in the throne room saying “this is what you were meant to do before the beginning of time, God sought people to send to the earth to do this work and he chose you, who among you is willing…”  So we raised our hands and accepted God’s call and the angel started handing out different files to all of us saying “this is for you and that is for you…” We were to be sent down to earth to fulfill our individual missions. End.

We have work to do.

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