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we had given them no other option but to do this – Adam Steiger

we had given them no other option but to do this

12/2/19 6:40 AM
Adam Steiger

Good morning, 444 Prophecy News.

I had this brief dream, early on Sunday morning, which involved me seeing gray nuclear warhead clouds in the sky, from the Russians.

It’s particularly on my mind again, today, and I wanted to share the full entry with you:

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Sunday, 12/01/2019

I was standing outside of a local pharmacy in my town (on the right side of the building), and had peered up into the western, afternoon sky.

As far as I could see, the ENTIRE sky was covered in dark gray, hazy mushroom clouds, clustered closely together.

In my mind, I immediately understood that multiple U.S. cities had gotten nuked. Atlanta was specifically one of them.

I was also hearing, like, this news report where this Russian ambassador was saying, “Everything that we offered you [America], you rejected!”; implying, evidently, from a diplomacy standpoint, that we had given them no other option but to do this…

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  1. Jebez Lepley

    O no Atlanta is very close to here and I thought I was gonna be close to a sanctuary city. Time to make other plans I guess. I had a dream and rarely as I know of do have dreams. This was a vauge dream of many very aggressive rattlesnakes and I had that impending doom feeling a few days ago. But I don’t think that Russia and China are going to get to that point until the nation is destabalized by the coming civil war.

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