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Nov 12, 2019, 10:52 AM
Melinda Goss

Received on 11-09-2019

Look and see what they do behind closed doors.
They plot and plan to kill MY people.
MY people people don’t even see it coming, they have been deceived.
Shall you trust man or shall you trust ME?
Pray for their plans to be stopped!!!

Then I was shown an indoor room where there were many faces being scanned quickly and flagging believers.

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  1. Trisha

    Ya, got this very thing yesterday in Spirit. There is a genocide of Christians globally at present in many places but I feel it’s gonna get far worse. Will there be any Christians left? It don’t look good to what I am seeing! Yup, they planning in the back rooms. Got that too.

    Recently in China xi just put out a new book on morality. He does not think religion should exist in his country. He’s afraid of it so killing all religion in his country. He is teaching socialism with Chinese characters and conformity to the cop and xi. Read bitter winters magazine! https://bitterwinter.org/category/news/




    They really need our prayers! I think It’s coming to NA too shortly. It already bad in the UK and Europe with the Moslem invasion.

  2. Alice

    I have been planning to get the Real ID. Here they keep your scanned face on file. Maybe I shouldn’t.

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