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Warning of The Coming Vaccinations of Bill Gates [Vision #253] – SHARLENE REIMER

Warning of The Coming Vaccinations of Bill Gates/Ministering- Deliverance of A Witch/Word from God of More Shaking to Come.

Vision #253

November 4, 2020 10:58 AM
Sharlene Reimer

Nov 3/20 tues evg.

I was worshiping in the Throne Room as I always do. I sang hymns and Sunday School songs of my childhood. Heaven was encouraging me as I was struggling to come with joy. Some days I really have to work on the choice to choose joy! But joy comes the more I focus on Jesus and less of me. I began to pray and when I got to Ps 91, I went up that mtn, met my eagle and went off proclaiming the Psalm. I understand now from other prophets- particularly Sadhu, that spirit travel is also called to translate. Whatever the word, I found myself above a forest tree line and suddenly we were attacked; knocked by a demonic principality or strongman that was quite large. We fell to the bottom forest floor unharmed and went back up. I continued with proclaiming and wasn’t sure where we were supposed to go . The eagle took me back to the place where we were attacked and I was now standing on the ground beside a stream and looking into a treed area where there was a small band of people performing some kind of ritual. The leader, who I understood was a witch, was sacrificing an animal and chanting with the others around her. I began to sing and speak truth to them but my focus was on the leader. She began to shake violently, her eyes rolled back in her head; like she was experiencing a seizure. I kept singing and speaking truth. I saw her coughing and moaning as she went down on her hands and knees and I heard her say: “I want to be free!” She then confessed her sin. Jesus was standing in front of her and offered her His hand. I understood that she saw Him. The angels were behind her for support. She took Jesus’ hand as He helped her up and she began walking around with her arms waving in the air crying: “Praise the Lord, I am free! Thank you Lord Jesus!”  I am in awe. Wow!

Back at the white bench, I prayed to Jesus that this woman would be placed with someone who could disciple her. He said He would help her. I asked what was going on with the ritual? Jesus said that they were working on a curse but would not tell me who it was against. I went to see if there was a vision.

I went down the stairs, greeted my faithful greeter group and walked over with them to the vision area where the others had already gathered. It opened up to see a wolf standing on 2 legs. Then it ran gnashing its teeth but got up on 2 legs again and the wolf put on a white lab coat. The face of the wolf became Bill Gates. Then my perspective changed as I saw a huge vial with a needle. The picture changed again as I saw Bill Gates step on a world map and laughed. I understood that the coming vaccinations are part of the beast system and Mr. Gates plays a huge role in creating them. There is an evil agenda at work. We are being conditioned to take the vaccinations for what is to come. I have had a recent previous vision concerning this.(#251) What is the message Jesus?

“See, I have told you ahead of time. Be warned! Listen to My prophets. The future vaccinations are dangerous. They are part of the beast system. And yes, you are being conditioned for what is to come. But do not fear.  Stand firm in Me -My Word – and you will know peace.”

This occurred Nov 4/20 during my God time: I was in being quiet before God in His temple- during my “just be” time. I heard Him say: “I am shaking the nations; testing them to remove the chaff so that what can’t be shaken will remain. I am calling for the true church. I will allow calamities and coming pestilences to shake the people. There is a coming virus that is worse than the present global illness. I have told you ahead of time so that you will be prepared.” He gave me Heb 12:26-27

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