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Warning from the Lord about Mask Wearing

February 9, 2021 5:45 PM

They are telling you that people are getting sick because they are NOT wearing a face mask. But the OPPOSITE is true! Sickness is coming because YOU wear the mask!

Your body was created and designed to breathe fresh life giving oxygen. Imagine covering up the exhaust pipes of your cars. Will your car keep working the way it was designed to?

Your car is made to have air come in and air come out. Without proper air ventilation the car’s engine will shut down.

Now think about your lungs. When you inhale you bring in all the good and when you exhale you get rid of all the bad air known as Carbon Dioxide.

But Satan and his minions are telling you that wearing a mask is being thoughtful to others. You see signs that say “my mask protects you and your mask protect me.”

But this is a LIE from pit of Hell! Your mask is not protecting anyone! It is killing you slowly and poisoning your blood. It is creating a moist environment around your nose and face. This will INDEED make you sick!

The face mask is not from ME, it is from Satan. You are not being kind to anyone by wearing their face covering. Do NOT be deceived!

This “plague” that has come upon the earth is no plague at all.

Look up at the 5G towers! This is the plague that has come upon you. Harmful radiation making MY creation sick. Not My design. This is Satan’s weapon.

Keep wearing the mask and you will be sick INDEED! There will be sicknesses that result from breathing in your own Carbon Dioxide. That was meant to be food for the trees. You gave them your Carbon Dioxide and they gave you their Oxygen.

Do NOT consent to Satan and his directives anymore, My people. Stand up like Soldiers of My SON and let your light shine. Show your faces and reflect MY glory to a lost and dying world.

Do NOT be afraid to suffer persecution. Fear has NO place in your heart for I did NOT give you a spirit of fear but of POWER!

YOU were made in MY IMAGE and LIKENESS.

Do NOT cover MY IMAGE!

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