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Warning For America – Warrior Princess

Warning For America

Warrior Princess

My Love, this is what I would have you write today. My burden is light. Hand your burdens to Me for I alone am able to carry them. You need to trust Me to keep you out of harm’s way. Soon you will be transformed and will be able to see and hear clearly. Wait for instructions and follow them carefully. There will be a few minutes of panic, of terror, but fear not for I will protect My own and they will not have one hair on their head harmed. This warning is for America. She will be hit on both coasts. Then Israel will be hit. It will happen suddenly and in rapid succession. You need not stock up food and water as supernatural bodies do not depend on this. But you as a group will help others who are not transformed by multiplying food and water….healing and restoration. There is much on the horizon! Still I wait for the command, but I assure you I am ready! My Warrior Angels are also in place. Your eyes will be opened soon and your understanding. I love you My child. Publish this please My love.

Here are a couple past visions that seem to apply now to this message…..

VISION – APR 24, 2015
Here is a short vision I have seen for 2 or 3 days now in a row. I have seen a woman with blonde hair dressed in all white. She is wearing pants and an overcoat. I see her shoes change from white high heels to white boots that lace up the front. She puts her white helmet on and tucks her blonde hair into the helmet. I see a glimpse of a crown underneath her helmet as she tucks in her hair. I also see on top of her helmet the short “feathers” that I have seen before on the warrior girl indicating some group or designation. She is not standing in a battlefield, but seems to be preparing to embark on one as her eyes are focused ahead. I almost sense she is waiting on instructions.

VISION – DEC 17, 2014
I saw a girl with long blonde hair which was about half way down her back. I only could see the back of her. Then she reached back to put her hair in a ponytail and I noticed the twisty she used looked like it was diamond coated! Then she puts on her helmet which has feathers or plumes of some sort about 3 – 4 inches long on top. I knew that this helmet was an identifier of the group she belonged to which I think was us Sparrows. She runs in some kind of boots and armor to the battlefield and leans down to help a hurt and dying man with dark hair. She takes his hand in her hand and talks to him about Jesus and puts the other hand behind his head. Then she pulls him to his feet with super strength and they both run lightning fast to what seemed to be a Tevah. I couldn’t see the Tevah but saw them running and as the man stepped over the threshold he was transformed from dirty rags to a white garment! I also looked across the battlefield and saw many warriors assisting the injured and dying and running them to the Tevah.

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