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Warning Dream of War With China – Adam Steiger


Warning Dream of War With China

November 29, 2021 9:06 AM
Adam Steiger

Hello again, 444 Prophecy News.

A couple of nights ago, on the 26th, I had this brief dream which, I believe, warned of upcoming war with China.

All I saw was a typed message at the bottom of a screen (as if I’m reading a web page).

It read:

“CCP until country invades U.S.”

I also saw “11 days” somewhere in the body of this message.

I am not sure if the 11 days is symbolic or literal, which would peg it at 12/7/2021.  I also find it mysterious that the message said CCP and not China (although, most often, I receive messages “in code” in dreams).

This past week was a foreboding news cycle in regards to escalating tensions between us and The Dragon 🇨🇳 and The Bear 🇷🇺.

(Actual Headlines Summarized)

Putin Lashes Out Against Western Powers<

Russia Produces Hypersonic Missiles

China Launches Combat Drills At Taiwan

Chinese Hypersonic Missile Technology<

U.S. Lags Behind on Hypersonic Tech

I do believe, at this point, that it’s just a matter of (very little) time before WWIII.

May we enjoy what little time of peace we have remaining, and spend as much of it seeking God and His Word as we can. 🙏🏻

December 7th was the same date of the attack on Pearl Harbor that launched U.S. into WWII



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