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Warning Dream for the Church! – Exodus Speaks

Warning Dream for the Church!

December 23, 2021 6:44 AM
Exodus Speaks

I had this dream on December 19th of this year, I believe Yah wanted me to share it.

It took place right before and at the start of tribulation. In it I saw people being observed (surveillance) by government figures but they didn’t notice because they were being brainwashed.!

Former President Barack Obama was dressed similar to the big bad wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. He was deceiving others but they never caught on.

There was mention of alien invasions, however I only remember seeing demons on earth in what now appeared to be hell.

I saw a young teenage girl who unfortunately had been somewhere she was not supposed to be, and was stuck there, I could see her but not speak to her. I recall seeing a lot of young people left on earth-lots of teenagers!

This was the second tribulation dream I had in which I was allowed to peer into the chaos on earth while not being able to enter. Almost like looking through a window as I was hidden/protected.

The message I was given was to keep the faith! Many have fallen from faith or on the verge of giving up,

scripture reference was 1 Corinthians 10:10

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