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Warning Dream about the Fallen Angels / Great Deception – Jamison Carson


Warning Dream about the Fallen Angels / Great Deception

January 6, 2022
Jamison Carson


Auto Generated Transcript

christians i want to share with you a
dream that i had the other night about
an alien invasion
i think it’s biblical i think it has
everything to do with when satan gets
thrown down to earth it started off like
so in my dream same sort of thing
happened the ufo showed up in the
neighborhood and all the people came out
to go check it out
and there’s like a neighbor’s wife that
came over to try to tell my wife to come
check it out and i told my wife and kids
to stay inside and go hide
and the neighbor’s wife went out with
the rest of the people and i shut the
next thing you know pandemonium broke
out people running everywhere
and then it was quiet
and some other stuff happened in a dream
i’ll i’ll give you a part two of this
after everything happened my wife came
and she asked where did all the people
go that were outside
and i told my wife
in the dream
they were captured
by the aliens
to be eaten later
what i took away from the dream
especially after i tell you part two
is that the only thing way you’re gonna
get through this is by the power of god
by having a real salvific relationship
with him i’m not talking about just
going to church
or paying your tithe i mean you need to
hear the voice of god
and you need
to make sure that you are covered under
the bloodline of jesus
i saw angels around our house protecting
us from these things
that’s what you need that’s where you
need to get to
and holiness
and covered under the blood so that you
so that god sends his guardian angels to
surround you and protect you from what
is coming i think this is biblical i
think it’s got everything to do with
revelation 12 with michael and his
angels cast satan and his angels down to
and it says woe to the inhabitants of
earth for satan has come down
i think it’s biblical i think this date
is coming i don’t know when but you need
to make sure that you have the holy
ghost baptism and you are covered
by before that comes
before that day woe to the inhabitants
of earth indeed
hey christians this is part two of the
dream that i had a couple nights ago
about alien invasion
so after the ufo had swept up all the
people that were outside
celebrating the arrival of the ufo
all of a sudden these little
alien little white great four foot tall
i think they called grays
started coming out and they were going
and trying to find the people that were
and they came to the front door my the
front door of the house that we were in
was open and they were standing at the
and you need to understand i’m the type
of christian that anoints my home i
anoint my property i anoint the things
around me so that they’re under the
protection of god
and you need to be doing that too
so anyway there’s like six of them in
the doorway looking in but not crossing
the threshold
and there was hundreds of them in the
front yard
and they were looking for a right to
come in if you’re a christian that knows
anything about casting out demons
these d the demons look for a right to
and so you need to be walking in
but anyway they were looking for a right
to enter
and in the dream i could tell there was
angels all around that house there was
like a wall an angel standing shoulder
to shoulder
i don’t know how many angels but all the
angels were around the house they were
standing shoulder to shoulder as if it
was an angelic wall keeping these things
and all of a sudden one of the little
pointed at me and said
he said it let’s get them and when they
try to come across that threshold
that’s when the angels of god stepped in
and destroyed them
and i don’t know whatever this when when
that happened when they said let’s get
the sound i heard
i don’t even it’s indescribable
it’s like in the dream the fire of god
fell from heaven and destroyed them
i closed my eyes when i opened up they
were gone
they were destroyed
so i tell you this because
i hope
that you are a strong enough christian
that you know to anoint your home that
you know to anoint your children you
know to anoint your property
is under
the blood of jesus
that you’re going to have safety
and if you’re not saved or you’re a
faint christian and you’re not covered
under blood and this day comes
woe to the inhabitants of earth indeed
these things we’re not playing around
it’s not a time to be joking with god
like i said i’ll share this with you
i don’t know what it may happen but i
believe it has got everything to do with
when satan and his angels get thrown
down in revelation 12 and says woe to
them heaven’s earth
i believe that day is coming i do

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