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Warning Dream About Deception – Sister Marlene

Sister Marlene

Dream Warning About Deception
Friday September 15, 2017

Had this dream after praying in the Spirit.
I was walking along a road talking with someone I thought I knew was a Christian, due to the conversation. A man unrecognizable (a part of the body of Christ).
Then there was a subtle shift, I felt something was NOT right, yet I said nothing to not disclose what I was thinking, but I tried to gracefully get away, veer my person away from this person I had been engaged in conversation with.
Somehow, he had me, it was like I was invisibly tied up and I was not able to break free. I tried to call out for help and his grip became stronger and I had barely an audible sound coming from my mouth. It may have only been slightly audible to me as I normally have a very large volume when I speak and even more when excited, yet it was more of a muffled sound. I kept trying, practically screaming yet no volume was coming out. I knew my arms were somehow tied that I was unable to move them, but I started scratching at his hands as if they were holding my hands down, scraping and digging at his and his grip was immensely strong almost instantly. Once again, I put all my might in screaming as it was futile to get out of the vice he had me in, and I woke up as I have many dreams throughout my life; saved from the frightening dream. There is one enormous difference though, this time I remembered the dream. All the others were blank upon awakening. I immediately thanked Jesus and asked what this meant as I was greatly disturbed and sensed that there was reason behind this.
Remember it was not just a dream, I had been praying in the Spirit for a while before I went to sleep and went into that darkness. From the time, I was praying in the Spirit and I woke up from this dream was only about 75 minutes of time passing. The word that came to me after asking about the dream was “ensnared”.
I then got up and went into the office and began to search out the meaning of ensnared, and sure enough it was EXACTLY how I felt in the dream.
Ensnared: to trap, catch, get control of. I went back to bed and prayed a while more and then was finally able to go to sleep. Upon awakening several hours later, I immediately asked the Lord about the dream again and prayed in the Spirit and in my understanding and this is what I heard: CAUTION; PAY ATTENTION; A TRAP HAS BEEN SET. Then I remember that yesterday the Lord by the Holy Spirit, kept bringing my thought process’ to the song “The ascension” and of course that would bring joy to my being and I would sing some praise and go on, but this probably happened a dozen times the previous day and I felt there was a connection, so I prayed some more and I sensed “QUICKLY” then “by deception”
And so, I put it together that it meant first would be deception and then quickly ensnared. Not sure if it is for the church, the Body of Christ or how to share it so I am typing it out.
I looked into the Vines expository dictionary as I saw nothing in the Strong’s or Youngs concordances and this is what I found. Pagideuo – to ensnare, allurements to evil; 1 Tim 3:7; 2Tim 2:26; 1Tim 6:9; Rom 11:9
Vines: Evil brought by Israel upon themselves by which the special privileges Divinely granted them and centering in Christ, became a snare to them, their rejection of Christ and the gospel being the retributive effect of their apostacy.
Romans 11:9 * David says: “Let their table become a snare and a trap, a stumbling block and a recompense to them. Let their eyes be darkened, so that they do not see, and bow down their backs always.

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