Warning, America, Destruction

Warn Them!! – Angela Heidebrecht

Angela Heidebrecht

10:20 11/20/17

while praying these words were spoken
i was told to write these words and post now.

Warn them!!
People are not ready
So many are going to be left behind
They need to seek me now.
Things are going to happen so fast.
They are not prepared.
Evil is here and will continue to grow.
Men’s hearts are growing colder.
People think they know me.
They do not.
They are beleiving false gods.
America is asleep.
They do not know me.
They do not worship me or honor me.
They fill their homes.
They want fame and money.
That is not I.
They believe the prosperity preachers.
That is not who I AM.
America your fate is in my hands.
Destruction is coming.
I have pleaded and pleaded.
You have rebelled against me.
Your fate is coming.
I have warned on deaf ears.
America time is up
fury will be thru out America.
My hand is being removed.
The Great I Am has spoken it is finished.

Yesterday he wanted me to post scripture about not worshipping him, rebelling against him and not honoring him

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