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Warfare Prayer Against Bad Treatment or Loss by the Wicked and Prideful – Glynda Lomax

Warfare Prayer Against Bad Treatment or Loss by the Wicked and Prideful

March 28, 2022
Glynda Lomax

Because I have had more than my share of battles against the prideful and I know many of you also have, I have found it necessary to write a warfare prayer to pray daily out loud in my prayer time to help with the battles. This prayer is a commanding warfare prayer, all warfare prayers must be prayed out loud. If you pray them silently, you are thinking, not commanding.

Whether the prideful your battles come through are relatives, coworkers, bosses or someone else, I hope you all find this useful.


Warfare Prayer Against Bad Treatment or Loss by the Wicked & Prideful

In Jesus mighty and matchless Name, I cancel every assignment of humiliation, degradation and intimidation sent against me through pride-filled people. Thank You, Lord for not letting the foot of pride come against me. Your Word says you will never suffer the righteous to be moved. Let not the hand of the wicked remove me or take my freedom, my independence, my finances, my peace or anything else I own.

I ask You would send warring angels to prevent and defeat them for me, Lord, according to Your Word that You give Your angels charge over me to keep me in all my ways and you preserve the way of Your saints, that I may complete the work You have for me to do.

I command anything the prideful or wicked are doing or planning against me to fall to the ground and become as naught in Jesus mighty Name. I thank You Lord that according to Your Word, anyone who seeks my ruin is turned back in dismay (Ps. 35:4) and I praise You for keeping me from the snares they have set for me, while they themselves are caught in their snares (Ps. 141:9-10). I ask You would save them and teach them the fear of You, Lord. turn this whole situation to a mighty testimony for Your Glory.

In the Name of my Savior Jesus, I pray and I seal this prayer with Your Blood. Amen.

My good friend Ray Bergman has kindly offered to host the link to the pdf of this prayer on his site (Thanks, Ray!), you can download it here:

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