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Warfare Dream – Akhile Khanye

Warfare Dream – Akhile Khanye

July 4, 2018

Had a dream or vision early in the morning.
A demon crept in on me while sleeping but my eyes opened and i saw it,instead of being frightened i got filled with the Holy Spirit and i grabbed the demon by my hands and beat it up badly,after some time it gave up and attempted to flee but i held my hands up and called down the holy fire on it and it burned up.i started to feel the presence of the devil in my room,instead of rebuking him to go to hell i called up and a huge pit opened up in my room and the devil himself came rising out of it.he was in a hideous human form and terrifying,but the holy spirit took great control on me and the battle began.during the fight the devil was struggling to beat me and started to spit out huge flames around me the battle got intense and i started to doubt if i could beat him now as he was getting stronger and i didn’t know what to do,just then i remembered the Lord Jesus and i looked up and saw two angels descending to where i was and they stood beside me,just as that was happening the dream ended.

Can some please interpret the dream if they can.

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