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War with China is coming to the US – Robert A. Avila

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War with China is coming to the US

UNLESS there is repentance and prayer

November 28, 2022
Robert A Avila

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In chronological order, a series of dreams about war in Asia, a Chinese fleet invading continental USA, battles inside the US, and finally the “counter-revolution” which liberates the US. Then, as the people say “peace and safety”, sudden death. But if people will pray and repent, it is possible that China will never invade the US.

1. War in Asia starts. Navy and Marines fight. Losses, but Christians receive favor. All-female naval support ship.
2. Who helps America. Almost nobody. An early ally betrays American army at first battle. Then, superior ally replaces. Enemy has weapon that drops jets from sky.
3. Chinese military takes every ship available, all men 12 to 65 and sail to US coast. Cities reduced to rubble.
4. War progresses in States. Enemy captures both coasts, presses inward. Plague killing many soldiers. But a man God raised up finds a cure.
5. Large battle between refugee Americans and regular Chinese Army. Men led by God pray instead of shooting. Greater impact on outcome.
6. Americans defend their position, must scavenge ammunition after battle.
7. A major battle in Texas ends unexpected. Men straggle north, wounded and fatigued. Messenger on foot reports, “DC and Atlanta have fallen.” Now, America will try one last hope.
8. Free Americans assemble an army to recover Los Angeles. The overlord there, Li Xin Xua, beheaded many people. The American commander want’s Xua’s head.
9. Chinese subs nuke East Coast.

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