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War is coming to the US – Cassandra

War is coming to the US

November 11, 2023 9:34 AM

Dream Rec’d 11/11/23

I dreamed my daughter and I were in some public place, but separated. All of the sudden incoming bombs appeared, and there were many. They looked like the bombs from the super Mario games, but just plain black. Somehow my daughter and I found each other and we were ok. I was yelling to everyone, “Repent, Repent, Repent!”. I knew many would soon die. -End of dream.

I have had several similar dreams, and I know others on this site have too.



I also had a dream on 12/31/22 that I received a free metaphone. I did not want it at all. I knew it was from the enemy. I also dreamed a few years back about the infinity symbol, or sideways 8 they are using for meta. It is a symbol of witchcraft. Stay away from it. I am noticing numerous products and groceries with 8’s on them, pray for discernment on all things.

Thanks to Jonathan, and all who share their dreams and Words here.

Blessings, encouragement, Shabbat shalom,


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