War In 2024?…Strange And Mysterious Warnings – Bro. John in Mo.

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War In 2024?… Strange And Mysterious Warnings

May 29, 2024 1:19 PM
Bro. John in Mo.

Greetings In the mighty name of Jesus to all the Saints of God. Last Tuesday night, (5/21/24) there were some strong storms that came through here in the state of Missouri, temporarily knocking out the electric power for a couple of hours at my house. The next morning (Wed. 5/22/24) at about 4:00 A.M. central time, I noticed that my desktop atomic clock / weather forecaster that I have in my kitchen needed to be reset back to the Central Time Zone, after the power outage the night before. So I reset it, made some coffee, and went back downstairs to start my Bible reading.

After resetting the clock, it was working just fine and keeping time perfectly as usual. Later on that morning, about three and a half hours later, (it must have then been around 7:30 A.M. Central) just after I had finished eating, I heard a beeping alarm sound coming from the clock. It beeped about 6 or 7 times and then it stopped. I looked over at the clock, and the time was continuously flashing “2024” instead of the correct time! Instantly my spiritual antenna shot up, and I went into “THERE”S SOMETHING HAPPENING HERE“… mode.

I’ll be honest with you, I INSTANTLY had a very bad feeling when I saw that clock flashing “2024” It was as if it was saying: “This Is The Year It all Happens” Anyway, after about 10 seconds or so, the beeping stopped, and the clock went back to correct normal time by itself. I could not shake what had just happened, so after a minute or two, I asked the Lord the following: “Lord….are you trying to warn me of something coming this year…the year in which we are now in, the year of 2024?

Right while I was praying this, that very instant, the beeping alarm started up again and the clock started flashing “2024” once more. After a few seconds the clock went back to normal again, all by itself. After this 2nd warning conformation happened, a few minutes later I asked the Lord again.. if I He was truly trying to warn me of something BIG coming this year. Right while I was praying that… I started hearing a LOUD BEEPING WARNING ALARM outside my house, down the road a bit. (it was the loud back-up warning alarm of a large truck backing up in reverse)

That made three warning conformations (IN ABSOLUTE DIVINE PERFECT TIMING) that I strongly feel impressed are from the Lord, about some BIG IMPENDING EVENT that is coming. I pondered these very strange prophetic happenings for a couple more days. Friday morning, (5/24/24) I felt the need to pray just once more about these things that had happened. I went over to the side window in my kitchen, opened the window, and just stood there for a moment or two, silent before the Lord.

Reluctantly, once more I then went to the Lord in prayer and asked him: “Lord, If I’m not crazy…and if all of these things that have happened are not just some kind of strange, bizarre “coincidences”….and if you really truly are trying to warn me of something very bad coming this year….would you please give me just one more personal conformation concerning all theses things?” I am telling you the absolute honest truth, (and I will give account of this before God one day) it was not more than maybe five seconds later… a Missouri State Highway Patrol car suddenly came speeding around the curve up the road West of me, heading East with it’s WARNING SIREN LOUDLY BLARING.

Just as it went past past my house…RIGHT THEN.. the Lord then spoke to my spirit the following eight words: “IT WAS A WARNING….TAKE IT AS SUCH” I then glanced over at the clock (which is still working normal again) and it was 8:58 A.M. (Friday 5/24/24) Concerning all of these strange warnings that I have mentioned, the Lord has never spoken unto me specifically (by word) as to WHAT these particular warnings are in regard to. (but as I said, the Lord did speak to me: “It Was A Warning…Take It As Such”) This much I do know….He has repeatedly warned me over and over again, through specific words of wisdom (words of future events) and various other personal conformations, since April of 2020, and even earlier, that WE WILL HAVE WAR WITH RUSSIA AND CHINA.

If we go to war with Russia and China simultaneously, there is little doubt in my mind that North Korea and Iran will join in on the “festivities” of helping take down America. Let me be clear once more. The Lord has NOT spoken SPECIFICALLY to me (through a word of wisdom) that these particular strange warnings specifically mean war. Yet in reality, He doesn’t need to… because he has ALREADY warned me multiple times previously, that THE WAR IS COMING. All I can say about these current strange warnings is this… I HAVE A VERY STRONG DEEP IMPRESSION THAT THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS WARNING ME ABOUT….AND THAT IS…… NUCLEAR WAR IN 2024.

The current situation between NATO and Russia is now indeed very dire, in fact critical… and worsening by the minute. Now China is publicly stating that they will use military force to take back Taiwan next month, in early June. China has warned the U.S. not to get involved over this issue, or else there will be war between the U.S. and China. Also, within the past couple of days, Ukraine has taken out two of Russia’s nuclear early warning radar sites. (they no doubt used weapons provided by NATO) Russia is now wide open for a massive nuclear attack by the U.S. and NATO. Dear Saints, trust me… the situation is very bad.

YOU ARE NOT HEARING ANYTHING ABOUT THESE DIRE SOBERING NEWS EVENTS ON FOX, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. Cut the cable, and stop watching these Satanic inspired mind-control programing outlets. They constantly omit the truth, and do nothing but push their damnable pharmaceutical commercials non-stop, 24/7.


www.trunews.com, www.halturnerradioshow.com, www.stevequayle.com, www.endtimeheadlines.org, www.zerohedge.com, www.censored.news, (this website has headlines and links to many other alternative news sites) At www.youtube.com, type in “NY PREPPER” (new york prepper) He posts breaking war news updates every afternoon around 3:00pm or so Central Time.

These sources will help give you critical up to date war-time information that is weeks ahead of the main stream media outlets. The United Kingdom and various other European countries in NATO are now finally warning the public to prepare for war with Russia, advising the public to stock up on canned goods, water, and emergency supplies. (anyone who reads my articles on this site knows that I have been blowing the trumpet and pounding the table on this issue for many months now)

Dear Saints of God, these warnings, the likes of which you are now reading are very soon to come to an end. I am warning with the utmost of seriousness that every reader of this message please immediately begin stockpiling containers of fresh water, all needed medications, vitamins, cleaning supplies, toiletries, canned goods, dried beans, peas, rice, pasta, canned fruit, canned hams, tuna, salmon, salt, pepper, spices, bouillon cubes, canned soups, instant sauces, gravies, etc, etc. Whatever foods you consume on a normal regular basis…stockpile it. Put away as much as possible right now, while you still can. The war situation is getting critical.. do not delay to prepare, if you haven’t already.

Also, seek to have several weeks worth of cash on hand. Be sure you have good durable warm clothing, blankets, boots, and sleeping bags for this coming winter. (for sleeping bags go to: www.wiggys.com) Make sure to have a shortwave radio with SSB, (single sideband) in order to hear ham radio operators in a war-time emergency. Have lots of extra alkaline batteries stored for radio and flashlights. Go to the search bar here at the 444prophecynews website and type in “Bro. John.” I have several articles on prepping for the coming nuclear war that will help assist you with the supplies needed in getting ready for what is coming. The warnings are about to end.

God has supernaturally restrained Vladimir Putin from pushing the nuclear button for over two years now. The time for restraint is now over. Putin must act soon or the Russian way of life is lost. The U.S. and NATO allies are now actually openly talking about invading Russia, stealing their natural resources, and dividing Russia up into many other smaller countries.

The U.S. and NATO already have actual maps drawn of how Russia will be divided up amongst themselves. Putin knows this, and will positively not allow it to happen, nor should he. The survival of Russia, as a people, and as a country is now at stake. Russia will fight fiercely and brutally with every single military asset they have to ensure their very survival. It is kill or be killed, and Russia know this.

The U.S. and NATO want war, and trust me, they are going to get it… in fact much more than they ever bargained for. (the center of the Pentagon makes a tempting target for a Russian hypersonic nuclear missile) The leaders of NATO and the U.S. are possessed by SATANIC INSANITY. The U.S is trillions of dollars in debt, and they MUST have this war as a cover for the financial collapse that is soon coming.

The Russian bear has been spit on, humbled, humiliated and slapped….and is now pushed back into a corner, angry and paranoid. Putin is now left with no real alternative other than a massive preemptive nuclear strike on the U.S. and NATO countries in Europe. (I had a dream of Putin doing a preemptive nuclear strike on the U.S….search for my article at this website titled: “Nuclear Nightmares: Conversations With Vladimir Putin”) The World War 3 situation is now in absolute critical crisis mode, and most of the church and the secular world are completely clueless.

The majority of the modern church right now is chasing nothing but money and smooth words of positivity, from FALSE PROPHETS on websites, and in the spiritual whorehouses all across the land. Many of the rest are of the “I’ll Fly Away” mindset. The backslidden error-filled church, and the PHONY PROPHETIC COMMUNITY is soon to get “That Old Time Religion”…..in the form of a true “Come to Jesus Moment” when the first mushroom clouds are seen rising across the vile wicked cities here in THE SODOMITE STATES OF AMERICA.

Those deceived in the snare of the “secret rapture” camp are going to personally witness with their own eyes that TRUE BIBLE PROPHECY does not take “orders” from dispensational pre-trib prophecy charts. The only thing louder than the sounds of war going on OUTSIDE the houses of those snared in the pre trib rapture “doctrine” will be the screams going on INSIDE those same houses… at the horror and realization that they have been lied to, and that they placed their faith in a false hope, a doctrine that the church never taught for the first 1800 years of it’s entire existence.

There are currently TRUE PROPHETS that have been in hiding, that no one has ever seen their face before on a any type of platform. They have been chastised, afflicted, purged and expertly trained in warfare….set apart and established by God Himself, for such a time as this. Those now in hiding could care less about being known, or having their own websites, being on the stage, or holding the microphone. You don’t get the anointing of God by being “KNOWN”….you get it by being “UNKNOWN”….known but unto God alone…. nourished, established, and trained in the SECRET PLACE. NOT IN THE PUBLIC PLACE.

Many in the Prophetic Movement often speak of a great end- time revival coming. I believe its been on the back burner for a while now, and I have seen signs that its about to start. Yes, it is coming…but NOT the way most believe. The problem is that the modern church is so utterly filthy, vile and corrupt, that GOD IS GOING TO HAVE TO FIRST LET NUCLEAR FIRE FALL…..BEFORE HOLY GHOST FIRE CAN FALL! In other words: “When he slew them, then they sought him: and they returned and inquired early after God” (Psalm 78:34)


These once hidden prophets will be used of God to lead the remnant into the wilderness in a SECOND EXODUS…to escape from the mark of the beast economic system. (Read Rev. 12:6, and 12:14) The children of Israel were NOT lead out into the wilderness by Moses and Aaron until AFTER Egypt was destroyed by the judgement of God! This was an O.T. shadow and type for the soon coming N.T. SECOND EXODUS into the wilderness…to escape persecution, and to await the second coming of Jesus Christ in great power and glory.

Please join me in praying that perhaps the Lord, in his great mercy, will delay this horrible coming war another year or two, in order that more souls can be saved, and that we will have more time to prepare. I must admit though, I just simply don’t have the faith to believe that will happen. My gut feeling is that it will truly be an actual miracle if this war doesn’t happen this year in 2024. I will be the first one to praise the Lord if it does not occur.

I have now delivered those particular warnings to you, along with commentary in regard to what I believe these warnings are about. I personally believe the Lord is warning me that WAR IS COMING THIS YEAR. The situation is now very dire. Take this word to the Lord, pray about it, and do exactly as the Lord is leading you. Me personally? I’m praying for sunshine, but I’m hastily preparing for rain. With great urgency, and the utmost of seriousness I highly suggest that you do the same. Stay strong in the word of God, and make sure that you’re cramming for finals. Watchman’s Warning Delivered. May God Bless and keep you all safe in these perilous times. Come soon Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

Bro. John in Mo. 5-29-24

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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