WAKE UP, Children of the King! – Elizabeth Marie


WAKE UP, Children of the King!

April 24, 2022 12:23 PM
Elizabeth Marie


Are you feeling helpless, confused, not knowing what to do with all the darkness that is growing all around and in every segment of society?

It is a sad state of affairs surrounding us now. The church has left its POST and its DUTY to push back the evil. It is with heavy remorse that I have to say, that it is under our watch, that satan has advanced his kingdom.

We, the church, were the SALT that was supposedly to help preserve TRUTH, JUSTICE AND FREEDOM. However, we have lost our way, and don’t know how to regain our true purpose here on earth. We have let the evil take over the very foundations of our land, as we are lulled to sleep within the lukewarm churches. (Revelation 3:15-18)

The evil darkness reminds me of BLACK OOZE that slowly spreads like lava…..destroying everything it is path, and leaving nothing but devastation behind it. It s like the locusts that come, and eat, and devour everything till there is nothing left.

It is time for believers in JESUS, to WAKE UP and take back their GOD GIVEN agenda as outlined in the Bible. It is there that we will find that our BATTLE is NOT against ‘flesh,’ but ‘principalities’ in HIGH PLACES that are now commanding and dictating their ways upon the humans of the earth. (Ephesians 6:12)

The LORD has given HIS PEOPLE SPIRITUAL WEAPONS to FIGHT these ‘principalities‘ that are now seeking to destroy every fabric of life. We are not to sit back,, and just accept, and watch the demise the land! There are SPIRITUAL RESPONSES that translate into SPIRITUAL WARFARE, that we MUST embrace with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT….for, Brothers and Sisters, we are in a STATE OF WAR!

Find at least one person that you can PRAY and WORSHIP with. Someone who understand the importance of SPIRITUAL WARFARE….. Someone that will PRAY with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, using the WORD of GOD.


The LORD has also been showing me the IMPORTANCE of PRAISE during warfare.

HE lead me to a beautiful. small. golden. nugget. hidden in the Psalms 149.

It is there that we see that HIS CHOSEN ones actually have a role to play against these forces of darkness. There is another MIGHTY WEAPON that is like a TWO EDGED SWORD….just like the WORD of GOD.


In Psalms 149, It says that the HIGH PRAISES to our LORD is a double edge sword in our hand! As we praise, this SWORD goes out against our enemies and renders them helpless!

PRAISE can bring ‘vengeance on the nations and punishes the people!’

PRAISE binds those in authority (kings) with chains and those in power (the nobles) with fetters of iron….

and PRAISE brings JUDGMENT on them!

As believers in JESUS CHRIST and GOD’s PEOPLE, this is the honor and privilege that GOD has granted us…..if we would ONLY USE IT!!!

“Let the HIGH PRAISES of God be in their mouth, And a two-edged sword in their hand,
To execute vengeance on the nations, And punishments on the peoples; To bind their kings with chains, And their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute on them the written judgment— This honor have all His saints” Psalms 149:6-9

We are NOT helpless, useless or unaware! NO!!! We have MIGHTY WEAPONS that can bring down STRONGHOLDS, PRINCIPALITIES and WORKERS OF INIQUITY!

It is time for us to ENGAGE in this BATTLE personally, and send those PRAISES to THRONE ROOM OF GOD, for vindication, deliverance and help.

If only we could grasp how much POWER has been given to us, then the enemy would not be able to continue to trample out goodness, righteousness and truth. But we, the believers in JESUS, have let our guards down and have come down from the WATCHMAN’S WALL!!

Let us start to use this POWERFUL ‘WEAPON of PRAISE,’ and then, with FAITH, wait for POWER from on HIGH to come, and to deliver us from our enemies, and stop the advancement of the wicked ones!!!

GOD’s hand will move on the part of HIS PEOPLE, when HE sees not only their commitment to HIM, but their engagement in the battle at hand!

We are NOT to give up….give in …. or just accept the darkness being poured out. IT IS TIME TO BOLD FOR THE LORD! We are to stand on the WORD GOD, along with our FAITH and proclaim GOD’s JUSTICE, TRUTH, PURITY AND RIGHTEOUSNESS.

The enemy is advancing…. as long as we let HIM! HE KNOWS how much power that the believer has….even more than the believer knows! HE is attacking while the church is ‘ASLEEP at the helm’….so he can devour as much as he can BEFORE we WAKE UP, and use the POWER OF GOD. HE is getting, and will continue to get, the upper hand, until we start pushing back with the very precious SPIRITUAL WEAPONS that have been given to us!

I have an example of what I am talking about. We keep hearing that there is coming a FOOD SHORTAGE, as well as supplies. We are even seeing that this is a FORCED FAMINE that they want to bring against the world. We are even seeing inflation increasing dramatically.

SO, I had a dream a few days ago, where I went into a big box store, like Target. I was shocked to see there was literally nothing left. ALL the shelves were completely empty and a manager came out to tell me that this was there last day open.

This dream, along with many, many that I have had, points to what is coming IF HIS PEOPLE don’t wake up and PRAY! These were WARNINGS for HIS people to pick up their ‘MANTLE OF AUTHORITY‘ and exercise their GOD GIVEN ABILITY of SPIRITUAL WARFARE in order to stop their evil plans and agenda.

PRAY, FAST, WORSHIP and PRAISE against the evil plans of the wicked.

IF we do not PRAY, REPENT, FAST, WORSHIP and PRAISE OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS, then the FURIOUS AGENDA of satan will advance, and the killings, destruction and darkness will take over.

CHILDREN OF THE KING, WAKE UP and start performing your KINGDOM DUTIES to the KING OF KING! Remember that JESUS is returning soon…..will HE find faithfulness and obedience among HIS children?


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