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February 20, 2022 12:25 PM

In my evening reading time I was led to the word of an European seer which states “the hell is empty because all demons are currently busy on earth to fight against mankind”.

I felt the need of asking the Lord to get me to fight the evil on its own territory and take me there maybe during my prayer on the next day praying time.

During the night I had a “dream” where I was led to a dark street setting. A dark road was flanked by dark 2-3 story buildings on each side. It appeared like a scene in outskirts of a metropolitan city. When I looked from above I had the feeling of the street scene from “Charly Hebdo terror attack” in France and the feeling in complete was “uneasy”, “heavy” but not violent.

In this street I’ve seen some people going about their business. But at once I recognized a person: A young lady who is a daughter of a friend. I met her few times and I know that in January 2022 she took the jab to carry on with her training as an EMT, because she was pressured hard by her employer.

Despite intervention from her mother she finally took the poison.

So this must be (the front yard of) hell.

I approached her to deliver a message “from a good friend” to offer her “a new job in HIS Paramedic unit” to get her out of this place. She was happy to see me and pretty amazed to get this job offer. Then she promised to “definitely apply for this job” and I felt that she was looking forward to this.

Then I was taken to the upper floors of one of those dark buildings. On floors and rooms there were few people in grey – none of them I’ve met before… The scene was grey itself but not as dark as outside, some few lights.

I was led to a room like an interrogation room of a criminal unit – grey, sterile, more like concrete. In this room there was a pretty lady sitting on a stool. I knew her: She was a colleague in a former job, a medical doctor who always was arrogant, hateful and unfair to me to the extreme. In these years I always thought that she was pure evil or obsessed.

But now she appeared contrite. When she saw me, she immediately came to me telling me she was sooooo sorry!! She got on her knees, touched me and started kissing me. She definitely wanted to atone her former behavior. The others left the room backwards and I felt they were “under her” in hierarchy. They closed the door and we were alone when she started more kissing, grabbing and pressing towards me. I got the feeling: THIS was the devil (in disguise)!!!

I laid my arms around her, holding her tied and wrapped her to never let her go. Then I shouted the precious name of our LORD and redeemer in her ear – Yeshuah Ha’Mashiach, Yeshuah Ha’Mashiach, Yeshuah Ha’Mashiach …… over and over again!

She was unable to go. Then the face morphed into others. In a VERY FAST sequence I was shown faces of people who tried to seduce me or to lead me away from righteous path. The more of these faces passing the more my mind became “easy”. I’ve detected the devil and all his minions who preyed on me! I’m fighting on his ground – and I’m winning!

When the sequence came to the end the evil as a body dissolved. I finished the experience in this room and never left it.

I was completely joyful and thanked our LORD immediately. Totally overwhelmed that I got this chance and passed it well! When I got a glimpse on my watch it was 04:02 a.m. on Sunday 20th, 2022.


I asked the LORD to fight on the enemy’s ground – but poorly with my intention of preparing and happening. He thought different!

He took me there without delay – there is no time to waste. He wouldn’t have done so if I wasn’t prepared for! There was my confirmation missing all the time. So I’m glad that HE trusted in me and gave me the recognition or wisdom to pass that situation and to proof me as a warrior. There’s a huge increase in self-confidence.

I found myself in the outskirts of that dark city but I was sure to be in the enemy’s camp. When I entered this room I was given the right feeling that something is wrong. The scene was occupied by the devil himself. He played the same game that he played years before to prey on me. But this time I smelt the rat! Years of training.

The demons really were not there, just some maids to comfort the devil. With no intention or ability to fight. They left the room on command, no resistance.

Anyway. I did not cower or run away. I grabbed that idiot to never let him go. And I think he definitely was sure to get me into this trap! Then I hurled the MOST PRECIOUS NAME on earth and in Heaven at him to lacerate his ears and his mind.

Certainly – I got “my room” with traps of erotic, forgiving, heart-warming etc. But there are more rooms to cleanse of this fool. And I’m sure I could get more of them. That guy really is never tired – nor am I!

The LORD himself gave me the most valuable gift in this night. I’m enough to be HIS warrior!

He prepared me in an unseen way and trained me till exhaustion. But here I stand devoted to HIM alone to fight the devil on his own territory. He just waited for my “okay”.

In real life I fought all temptations – partially with no success for decades. I know that I will get more of “my temptations” from the snake. But now I’m not only reacting to his seductions. I take the fight into his camp, searching for him, preying on him like he did on me. Fight is open!


I will cut your horns and knock you off your hooves! Expect me, deputy!!!

I’m gonna show you how human race is able to fight – victim no more!

We are above you, soulless creature!

Brothers and sisters, you know about lukewarmness and how the LORD thinks about it.

If you’re a warrior, prayer warrior, watchman/ watchwoman, seer, prophet/ prophetess, someone else devoted to the KING of Kings – GET HOT!!!

Spread to the rooms where you will find the devil. Intimidate him on his own soil, make him a victim. He is alone! Ask the Lord for this – DON’T GO ON YOUR OWN! He will eventually be glad to command his rising army.

Read Joshua 8!

The Lord only wants us clean, free from sin – so we should get clean! Rip off the stain, the temptations, the lukewarmness.

The fight is still won! When the Lord is with us who can stand against us?

See you, brothers and sisters – right there!


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