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Volcanoes – Chris In Australia


Jan 17, 2020
Chris In Australia

a word received late 20th October 2019.

“The earth’s skin is sliding. Volcanoes are going to start exploding all over the world. Even long extinct ones. People will be amazed and afraid for smoke and sulfur will fill the airPlanes will be diverted and grounded.

There will be chaos in the skies. The air will be full of debris and the sunlight will be blocked. Plants will die. People will be hungry, as crops fail. There will be no reserves. Drought and floods have destroyed the food crops of past seasons.

Farmers have left their farms. Now the peoples of the earth will know what famine is. Store up what you can and wait upon Me. I will direct you. I will provide for you. But you must gather into your barn what you can now.

Water will be poisoned too.
Cattle will drink and die.
Sheep will breathe the air and die.

As in the days of Noah, they won’t see it coming.
Sword and famine and pestilence will come to the nations.”

Chris In Australia

Jan 17, 2020

Original article can be found here

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