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Vivid colored earthen vessels – Sandy Martin


Vivid colored earthen vessels

Jun 24, 2021 8:10 AM
Sandy Martin

I had this dream last year and didn’t feel the urge to share it til now. I was in a beautiful place, with very green grass and saw what can only be described as a really nice & large white condo like building on a slight hill. But the condos were all on one level. As i looked to my right, i saw a pond with pretty water. Then i saw the broad steps, (like the Supreme Court building) and walked up to the double door with many panes of glass in it. I don’t know how the door opened but i walked inside and i knew in my mind there were walls, but didn’t see them. I continued down the wide hallway and i could see in each “condo”. When i came to the end of the hallway, i looked into one and saw the most beautiful earthen vessels i have ever seen. The colors were vivid and dazzled my eyes, so much that i asked if i could take one back to where i lived and someone, who i couldn’t see said no, they remain here. Everything was in vivid colors, like nothing here on earth. I looked around and every “condo” had big windows and i looked out and saw a man with a long black trench coat, black hat & black pants & shoes, looking at the pond but he never moved. He just stood there. Then i realized it was someone i know and have been witnessing to for a couple of years. I know this was a vision of Heaven, and I was there, but this man was not allowed in. I told the man of the dream and he just shrugged as if he didn’t care. He is a hard nut to crack and i said it was Heaven and he was on the outside and not in Heaven. To this day, he still has not come to the Lord. I pray for him everyday.

Heaven is real & spectacular.

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