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Visions: Preemptive Strike on 3 Cities – Marty Breeden & Melissa Tabor

Marty Breeden

November 9, 2018

**This post is going to be a little lengthy, but you NEED to read this.
I consider it vitally important and URGENT!**

On July 15, 2018, I had a very disturbing dream.
In my dream, of which I will share below, I saw a particular city getting hit by Nuclear Weapons…..
At the time, you will see where I did not reveal this at that time.
As you read the dream I had, you will see that I also saw and heard of other cities getting hit in like fashion.

Now, I will tell you the city I saw was…..”SEATTLE“!

I clearly saw the Seattle “Space Needle” in my dream.

I shared this dream on Facebook with you, and I also spoke about this on “The Prophecy Club” with Stan Johnson.

Now “Fast forward” to yesterday when I had a new friend, Melissa Tabor reach out to me privately, and she shared with me that she had several visions over a span of time about particular city’s get hit with Nuclear Weapons.

I’m ALWAYS careful about what I share personally and am very guarded about what I share from others.

I found Melissa’s visions very credible especially as she told me what she had seen, her experience, and then her saying that she saw 2 out of 3 city’s, but could NOT name the 3rd, but felt that I may have a “piece of the puzzle”.

I think she is right!!!
I think that my dreams, coupled with her visions, do indeed put the puzzle together.

I share this with her permission, and I think you will find this VERY intriguing, just as I have!

First, my dream…..Then read what she shared:
(Some of you will recall this)

7-15-2018 Dream


In my dream I found myself scurrying down the road with 2 American soldiers.
We were going very fast.
I could see the look of fear on their faces……it was not normal fear either it was a look of abject terror.
Then I heard come across the radio a very stern voice:


Then one soldier looked at the other soldier and said:

Then I heard another radio communication……(I cannot recall if this was official or news media)
It said:
“WE are now receiving several credible reports of incoming Missiles landing in *******!!!!” (A major American city I will not name)

I could then see the Missiles raining down in this city in great number!! More than I could count.
I saw the smoke of their burning and the city being turned into ash.

I saw the people running trying to escape…. but there appeared to be no escape.
I knew this strike was “Pre-Emptive” and not expected, there were no warnings!!!!…..
Then I heard another radio transmission:
“And NOW, we are receiving reports of the following cities seeing incoming Missiles!!!!…..

I awoke………

And now Melissa Tabor’s Visions:

“We moved to Las Vegas about 1.5 years ago, not by choice, but my husband is in the Air Force and we were suddenly assigned here.

Previously, I’ve lived in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Cleveland, OH among other places.
While living in Fort Lauderdale God gave me 2 dreams about Tsunamis destroying FL. God moved me about 3-4 months after these dreams to Ohio.
After 3 months in Cleveland, I received a vision of an earthquake which aftershocks split a portion of Ohio near Cleveland…again, I was moved 3-4 months later.

This bring me to Las Vegas….and what I’m lead to share…around May of 2018 (I did not write the exact date, wish I did) I had a vision of standing outside of my apartment facing the Las Vegas Strip.

As I watched the strip, from the west/northwest a streak of light came out of the sky striking the Stratosphere tower. Immediately, I watched the Strip disintegrate and the after “wave move through the valley.

I had not received anything more about this vision until yesterday. On November 7, 2018 around 8:30am PST I was making breakfast, praising God when there was a flash of light in my eyes.

The light was so bright, I could not see for about 3 seconds. The next vision I saw was 3 major cities crumbling to the ground. As the cities were crumbling, the Holy Spirit said “It will happen in a flash”.

I next saw myself walking over dead bodies. There were dead to my left and dead to my right. Then the vision ended. A few minutes later, the Holy Spirit said “I am going to give you a message for My people”. The message came with a weight so great I was unsure if I wanted to accept it, but being obedient to God, I accepted it.

This is why I am reaching out to you.
One of the cities isLas Vegas, another is Chicago, but the 3rd remains unnamed.
I’m not sure if this message is specifically for you as confirmation, or if you have the other piece to my puzzle.”

My friends, I find this NO COINCIDENCE that Melissa felt to reach out to me and that we both had a witness in our spirit that there is indeed a connection and certainly a warning from the Lord!
Also, I have seen other cities on both the East and West Coast that were struck….
I would also add to take heed to what I believe Melissa heard from the Lord,


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