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Word: Cities Destroyed New York Seattle Chicago San Francisco Dallas Houston Florida covered by water – Angela Heidebrecht

By Angela Heidebrecht

3/13/ 18

While praying I heard these words spoken
Many people will not make it.
Lots of people will die.
Many do not know me.Many do not want to know me.
They prefer to live in their sin.
They never have seeked me or even tried to.
They know me not.
Many will die not ever knowing me.
Devastion is coming.
I have warned very few are listening.
It will be all around you.
Seek me now while you have time.
Tomorrow is never promised.
Hell is enlarging.
Time is here destruction will be every where.
Destruction will come to many.
So many are not ready.
People are not ready for what their eyes shall see.Mens hearts are getting colder not willing to see the truth.
Alot of large cities will be destroyed.
These are the cities I was given.
New York
San Francisco
Florida will be covered by water.

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  1. Kathy

    WOWZERS… sure hope some of the words I’ve seen stating 1st Rapture will take place before anything begins, was truly from the Lord!! Because I live in Central Florida!!

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