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Vision/Word: Red Horse and Rider; MARTYRDOM, Obama Crowned Seated in the heavens, WORD: Black Rain, a nuclear bomb is going to come to this nation and even the rain will be polluted – Patti Huson

Patti Huson


I was outside a few minutes ago, and when I was feeding my dogs dinner, the Lord brought a vision to me. All of sudden I saw a red horse up in the sky running back-and-forth to my right and to my left, and the horse was red, the rider wore red, and he was waving a red flag in the air. On this flag the Lord drew my attention, there was a golden cross. I said to the Holy Spirit, ” Lord I know that the red horse coming is of war, what are you showing me?” Immediately, in the sky in huge big bold block letters was the word “MARTYRDOM” and then Obama’s face came before me, he was way up high, seated in the heavens, he was seated above everybody else on the earth, and he was wearing a crown. I knew by the picture the Holy Spirit showed me, it was a platinum crown and it was filled with jewels and shining brilliantly. The strange thing is, in all my visions Obama is smiling as he was in this one, but, his teeth were all filled with jewels diamonds and rubies and emeralds. Every one of his teeth was filled with jewels. The Lord told me that he will be seated up in high places and all the wealth of the entire world will be his.

Then I came into the kitchen I started cooking dinner for tomorrow night and all of a sudden I saw people running all over back-and-forth, rain was coming down from heaven but the sky was black and dark and the rain was dark and they were putting coats and paper and bags anything they could find to cover their heads to protect them from the rain. I heard the word black rain and then the Lord told me that a nuclear bomb is going to come to this nation and even the rain will be polluted.

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