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The Pardon of the Good Thief
By James Tissot Brooklyn Museum


OCTOBER 2, 2016 2:37 AM EST
Jessica Lee Smith

In this life-changing vision of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, I was shown a glimpse in the reality and truth of the Lord’s suffering… a tip of the eternal iceberg. The Lord’s pain and suffering was deeper than any human knows. The depths of pain reach into the spiritual, emotional, mental, as well as the physical and its reach is past, present and future. Revelation is key in comprehending with our tiny mortal minds the extent of both Christ’s suffering on the Cross and the love that led Him there.

“Who has believed our report?” (Isaiah 53:1)


Is there any mortal in the history of earth that has really ever been able to comprehend ALL that happened to Jesus on the cross both physically and spiritually?

It is a serious matter to know the sufferings of Jesus on the cross. It is a fearful thing to look and know what happened to Christ as He hung on that Cross! Do any of us know the true extent of His pain and what He accomplished? I don’t have that answer… but I did have a vision.


A few years ago my Pastor was in the middle of a prayer in church when I had this vision. He had just prayed, “Lord, once again hide us behind the cross…” As the Pastor continued in his prayer, I began one of my own. I asked God, “What does he mean when he says this: ‘Hide us behind the cross.’?” Suddenly, in a flash I had a vision from God of Jesus hanging on the cross.


The wrath of God toward sin was more than I knew. The trauma of the cross was more than I dared to imagine. Christ’s suffering was deeper than I wanted to know; and all of it is more than I still comprehend! All I could ask was: “What happened on that Cross??!! What happened on that Cross?!?!”


"And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself. He said this to show by what kind of death he was going to die. ” ~John 12:32-33

The cross itself was extremely tall and Jesus was on that cross very high and lifted up. I saw that Jesus was at the top of the cross, very high up, because He was being offered to and toward God Himself as a sacrifice for sin. The cross was the means by which He was being offered to God. I saw that the bloody, traumatized cross was an altar of sacrifice and bloody slaughter. Christ Jesus Himself was the sacrifice who was violently punished for the sin of mankind. God purposed for Christ to be crucified upon that cross so high and lifted up in such a violent, traumatic and bloody way. In this way God’s wrath was satisfied.


“He was wounded for our transgressions; He was crushed for our iniquities; upon Him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with His stripes we are healed.” ~ Isaiah 53:5

Jesus was nailed to that Cross, already damaged and wounded by the hands of mortals, but the most traumatic impact came while He hung on that cross away from the hands of men. The most crushing, violent blow came from His own Father as He personally punished Jesus for OUR sin.

“It pleased the LORD to crush Him (Jesus). He has put Him (Jesus) to grief, when He made His soul and offering for sin…” ~Isaiah 53:10


I saw that the sky was very foreboding, dark, stormy and active. I saw the Father’s wrath in the sky over the cross of His Son Jesus Christ. I saw lightening flashing violently over the Cross where Jesus had become sin for the salvation of mankind. I saw that nature itself was in an uproar over the sacrifice of the LORD.


I saw the wrath of God come down upon Jesus because He became sin itself. This combination crushed Jesus. Jesus BECAME sin. And God’s wrath came down violently against SIN. What Jesus experienced at that point IS beyond our comprehension.


First, He was forsaken by the One He loved deeply: His God and His Father. God forsook Jesus at the point when Jesus became sin, because God is not at peace with sin, but is in enmity with sin. The sole purpose of His death on the cross was to satisfy God’s wrath toward sin. For the first time in eternity, Jesus was separated from His Father. This was traumatic and crushing.


Second, becoming SIN did violently crush Jesus. Jesus did not just become one sin, or symbolic sin, or a group of sins…. Jesus became all sin, sin itself! Just taking one heinous sin into account slightly puts one on the road to understanding the weight of horrendous evil that Jesus had to become. Jesus became every evil, violent, perverted, proud, vicious, cruel, deceptive, filthy sin in existence from the beginning of time to the end of time! Whenever we hear of the rape and murder of innocent children, for example, we grab our ears and our hearts and cry out for justice against the perpetrator! We are “crushed” at the hearing of these horrible sins. Now, think of Jesus who had to not just become the very sin, but every sin. The impact did crush Him spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.

“It pleased the LORD to crush Him (Jesus). He has put Him (Jesus) to grief, when He made His soul and offering for sin…” ~Isaiah 53:10


Thirdly, the wrath of a Just God who punished this sin crushed Jesus. Jesus became the perpetrator… He became guilty of all sin instead of us and God justly punished Jesus for all our sin. His justice was appeased. God’s violent wrath was equal to the depth of the wickedness of the sin, so was His justice fulfilled. Sin was punished and God’s justice was satisfied! “It pleased the LORD to crush Him (Jesus). He has put Him (Jesus) to grief, when He made His soul and offering for sin…” (~Isaiah 53:10) And we are just touching the surface of all this.

“God made Him who had no sin to be sin for us.” ~2 Corinthians 5:21

“He was disfigured and marred beyond human likeness” ~ Isaiah 53:5


I saw that Jesus was hanging on that cross, but no, He did NOT look like a man. What I saw was a bloody mass nailed to a cross. So much blood and raw flesh and open wounds exposed.


Listen to what the Bible says about Jesus’ condition on the cross: “Just as there were many who were appalled at Him–His appearance was so DISFIGURED BEYOND THAT OF ANY MAN and His form MARRED BEYOND HUMAN LIKENESS” ~Isaiah 52:14


Well, in Psalm 22:14, Jesus speaks through David concerning His experience on the cross and He says, “…all My bones are out of joint…”

According to Health Resources, the most common cause for dislocation of bones or out of joint bones is a severe blow or other violent trauma to the joint. This type of trauma DID happen to Jesus when He became SIN and the WRATH of God came down upon Him violently. I saw the wrath of God come down upon Him violently in this vision! Both the crashing of sin into Him and the wrath of God upon Him caused every one of His bones came out of joint!


According to Health Resources, “a dislocated joint occurs when the ends of bones are forced from their normal positions by being knocked out of place away from each other, usually caused by a blunt force or impact.” The physical result of dislocation is first a great deal of pain, instant bruising, swelling and disfigurement. Dislocations will are visibly out of joint or socket as the bone will be protruding and causing the skin around the dislocation to bulge.
This type of pain is excruciating.

Imagine EVERY joint in the human body being dislocated! This is the Biblical truth
of the condition of Jesus Christ upon the Cross.

There are 206 bones in the human body. Jesus said ALL His bones were out of joint… now use your imagination. You’ll find NO painting of this truth. It’s too gory.

This brings the two scriptures Isaiah 52:14 & Psalm 22 together. This explains just one way Jesus’ human shape was so disfigured to the point it did not even look human anymore! I saw this in the vision. He looked like a disfigured body of flesh nailed to the cross.


He was covered in His own shed blood hanging on that cross. The flesh of His body was mutilated and raw. It looked as if He had been turned inside out. The structure of His body was disfigured. The flesh of His body was like a bloody pulp. His structure did not look like a pulp, but His actual skin/flesh did look like a bloody pulp. Where was His face? I did not see a face. I saw only blood. Where was His tender skin? I saw only bloody flesh which had suffered violent mutilation of a violent slaughter!!! Where was my Lord’s hair? What hair there could have been was lost and camaflouged in the pulpy bloody mess. He hung there alive in this condition exposed to all the weather conditions.


What we see in most paintings and in the movies is wrong! Why has mankind eliminated the great amount of Jesus’ blood, and the disfigurement of His body? Are we are afraid to paint and depict the truth of His sufferings? Jesus was not a handsome stud hanging on the cross with a few drops of symbolic blood on a slightly sweaty brow!! Where was His brow?? I didn’t even see His brow, because of ALL the gory blood!! Don’t talk to me about a few drops!! Perhaps most people truly do not know or believe the violence of His bloody slaughter. Maybe the truth depicted in a painting just wouldn’t look pretty enough on our walls… yet there’s a more diabolical motive in eliminating the blood of the cross and crushing of Jesus body for the sins of the world. Satan would blind the world from this truth, because in the blood of Jesus and the cross of Jesus is the power of salvation and when preached signs and wonders, healings and miracles follow…. The greatest of these is salvation!

Red, wet, fresh blood covered the mutilated flesh all over His body, I didn’t see dry or clotted blood anywhere… only fresh, wet, shining blood. Jesus was covered in blood, and the cross was covered in blood, and the ground was bloody. The whole scene was bloody. Blood all over the place. Truly He was slain and not slain gently.


Such was the violence against Jesus that the Cross itself was traumatized! I saw this. The cross itself was gouged, scratched, cut, marked and completely bloody. The cross itself was shaken by the traumatic and violent slaughtering of the Great Shepherd. The Cross was the place of the slaughtering of the Almighty! The Cross had to bear the slaying of the Alpha and the Omega for the salvation of the world! The cross was bloody and foreboding! The sun refused to shine at the slaying of Jesus! The earth shook and trembled as The Great Shepherd; that Mighty Lion of Judah became a tender Lamb who opened not His mouth during His violent slaughter for the sins of His wayward sheep on that Cross! The power of the cross is in what happened on the cross. What did happen exactly on that cross??? What happened on that Cross????!!! What is the depth of His suffering and accomplishment on that Cross??!!


He was offered up to God in Heaven upon the altar cross and the wrath of God came down upon Jesus the Sacrifice for our sin. God’s wrath came against One who had no sin, but became sin in all it’s filth that we may have the remission of sins through His shed blood. Jesus Himself offered Himself up upon that cross to God His Father to be slaughtered violently for our peace and our salvation.

It was a time of darkness in the skies, and storm and clouds and lightning. I saw these things and was in shock. When everyone else in church began sitting down, I was still standing up and I could only repeat in my mind, “What happened on that cross?!” I was still seeing it in the vision. What can human words do to explain unless there is a revelation from God Himself? God punished Jesus because of the sin which He became and which was on Him. God’s wrath, in this vision, seemed to be upon Jesus Himself as He hung there bloody upon that cross! I saw the wrath of God in this vision. I felt it. I discerned it. Who in their right spirit can say that we are not to truly fear the LORD!? One who would say that has not seen the wrath of God. His wrath is to be feared! His wrath against sin. I fear even writing about it, because I am not without sin.

What happened in the spiritual realm upon that cross was much more than what was manifested in the physical realm! But, even what was manifested in the physical realm made the soldiers who nailed Him there exclaim after He died, “Surely, this was the Son of God!” It is a thing that no movie, even the Passion could ever capture or fathom. It is something that only God can reveal.


Continually seek the answer to the question: What happened on that cross?!!! What happened on that Cross!!??? What happened upon that cross!!!???

Seek the answer to that question every day.

I haven’t even really touched the surface of what happened on that cross to Jesus. This is just the beginning and the writings a result of what I saw in a vision in a flash. We all must continue to ponder, consider, research, examine, search, seek in prayer for revelation of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross AND His resurrection… after all that is salvation, the Gospel, and Christianity…

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your Savior, your God and your King… call out for Him today and ask Him to come into your life and your heart. There is NO other way to Heaven and eternal life.

There is no other name under Heaven by which we can be saved! (Acts 4:12) ONLY the name of JESUS CHRIST! The Cross is the Altar of Bloody Sacrifice where the Son of the Living God was sacrificed to God the Father for the sins of all the world. JESUS was the LAMB of God high and lifted up upon that Cross. Salvation and ESCAPE come NO other way except through the Cross, the Blood and PERSON of JESUS CHRIST!

Vision received by: Jessica Lee Smith.


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