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Lu Smith

Nov. 18 2015

NIGHT VISION: THE DESTRUCTION OF WASHINGTON DC: Many of you have been on my friend list for a long time. I have a lot of new friends on my friends list. My older friends, some of you should remember my night vision on the Destruction of Washington D.C. I posted it many times. How Washington DC will be nuked and wiped off the face of the map, including the White House. Jesus showed me this in a night vision. I was hanging in midair floating into Washington DC between 2 tall white buildings. Jesus was to my right, I was on His left side which indicates Judgment. Right side of Jesus is favor. I said to Jesus what city is this because so many times you show me things in dreams and visions unfolding in cities and I don’t know which city. Immediately Jesus turned me around to face the nations capital.There was nothing left of the White House except 4 white pillars and a piece of wall that was broken at the top. I said to Jesus, that’s all thats left of the nations capital. Jesus said, yes. Then Jesus turned me around so that I could look out over the entire city of Washington DC. The entire city was in ruins.There was nothing left. As far as my eyes could see, block by block, nothing but ruins. I said to Jesus, the entire city of Washington DC is gone. Jesus said, yes. I looked up into the sky and I saw what looked like lighting or electric storm in the sky.The clouds were redish, pinkish, and blue, and they were rushing forward in the sky really fast. I looked on the ground and I saw electricity popping up off the ground. I could hear the sound of it.The entire city was a ashen gray color. I saw one 2 lane highway with white lines in the middle and it was wet with water. The entire city of Washington DC had been nuked and wiped off the face of the earth. There was no signs of life anywhere.There are nine cities targeted by AL Quada. Washington DC, and New York City is at the top of their list to be nuked first. Miami Florida, Los Angeles California, Las Vegas Nevada, Boston Massachusetts, Chicago IL, Philadelphia, San Francisco. I am a firm believer that this will unfold during the Tribulation Period. Only Time will tell. John 16:13 He will show you things to come. 2 in the Word of God is the absolute truth. White in the bible is Victory, fine linen. Purity and righteousness of the Saints. Waters in the bible is life and spirit.


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