Vision: The Crown of Thorns – Humbled for Service

I testify today of our Lord Yeshua Jesus Christ. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. The One Who Was, Who Is and Who Is To come. He is the Kinsman Redeemer and the City of Refuge from the avenger of blood.

Today I wish to share a brief vision that the Lord blessed me with around September of 2018. I share this so that we may know that indeed we have been purchased by Christ for Himself at a very costly price.

I was standing by a roadside, and Lo and behold, the Lord. There He was. I was looking at the left side of His body and I only saw from His shoulder upwards. Much of what I saw was His head and face.

A crown of thorns had been forced onto His head. The crown was made from a thorny stem. These were no ordinary thorns. They were big, each thorn perhaps the length of a finger and they were thick and strong. Some thorns had been forced through to His skull and some went through His flesh. His face was brutally battered and was very swollen. Blood had dripped all over His face, neck and hair and had dried up. Much blood. The left eye was injured and swollen as if He suffered direct blow on it. It could not open and He could not see with it. At this point, He only saw with the right eye.

He was walking at a fairly normal speed like someone who is on an errand. He was focused and there was strength and purpose in Him. His face showed no sadness or remorse or frustration. There was no anger or hate in him, despite His condition. The wooden beam for the cross was placed on His right shoulder and was held by both of His hands (if I remember correctly), though I did not see much of it. He made a few steps and then paused as though to gasp some air. He then suddenly turned and faced me, and looked me straight into the eyes. So that His eyes precisely locked to my eyes (His left eye being swollen and shut). A thought passed from Him to me at that very moment: “Can you see what I AM doing for you?”

The entire episode lasted for just a few seconds and the vision was over.

Relevant Scriptures:

Isaiah 53: 7

John 3:16

1 Corinthians 6: 20

John 15:13

Your brother in Christ, William

Humbled for Service

Nairobi, Kenya

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