Vision: The Coming Tribulation – Paulinus Paul

Paulinus Paul

Vision: The Coming Tribulation

August 15, 2014

The first thing I saw; the SUN fell from the sky and some part of the forest and some part of the country got burnt. The wild animals like lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar etc ran into the cities and town without attacking anybody, whosoever that make a mistake opening his or her door, the wild animals will run in and the owner of the house too will run outside. All the animals too were afraid

Suddenly I saw the stars fell from the sky and all the waters turn into blood. All creature living in the water ran out from the water. Believe it or not, there have being some animals in the water since the creation of Eden, some head of the animals are even bigger than 10 stories building not to talk of the whole body of the animal.

Those of you that have watched king-Kong movie, see how big that gorilla is, there are animal that are 10x bigger than King-Kong in the water. Be careful don’t let this day meet you on earth, because after the rapture the rest are evil, its only 3 years enjoyment for those that bear the 666 mark. After the three years, the rest are evil. I saw the most powerful queen of the sea,(Queen of the coast), all the most powerful demon on earth and in the sea too ran out of the water. I even I saw the queen of heaven too fell from the sky. The queen of heaven is a fallen angel that deceive human from serving God and serve things that are forbidden. She is an Anti-God (Jeremiah 44 3-19) she made people to worship Idols. And some religion worship and honor her. She too was running here and there but no where to run to.

The day was too terrible, that I saw Mother throwing away their babies to save their own life, I saw pregnant women smashed by car, and the baby came out from their mouth. That day is a terrible day that all these powerful people were powerless. Money was useless, everybody were running up and down, in fact fears itself was afraid.

Blood was flowing everywhere, on the road, gutters, well etc those of you that called yourself a witch or wizard that have nothing to do than to suck human blood, don’t worry, A day is coming when the wells will turn to blood, Ocean will turn to blood, sea and rivers will turn to blood, even the tap water and and the water in the refrigerators water will also turn into blood, then there will be no need for you to attend meeting before you can suck blood. Its then you will know you are doomed. If you like don’t repent now before it’s too late. All demons were powerless that day, in fact there is no where to run to, for it was too terrible.


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