Vision: Supernatural protection of tortured believers – Rachel Baxter


Vision: Supernatural protection of tortured believers

I had a terrible and amazing experience with the Lord several months ago. I had been troubled about a couple things specifically. One was that God would allow His people to suffer great pain and torment in death, and two that a child of God would not be given every opportunity to come to Him before death.

I can only explain it like this; it felt as though the Lord literally took me back in time to observe a place and time of torture of His saints. By the clothing the people wore, it seemed like the late 1800’s. In this place, I only had my sense of vision. I was not allowed to hear or smell or touch – though I felt like I was totally present in the place. I believe the Lord did this to protect my heart because if I would have been allowed to experience any more than I did, I would have been hurt emotionally.

I was taken to a dark wooden building. It reminded me of an old factory or large barn with many rooms. In this place, I was made to observe torture of every type. I saw indescribable scenes of torture and murder that I have never dreamt to imagine of myself. I won’t go into details, but I will just say that I saw men with pure evil in their eyes delighting in inflicting as much pain before death came as they could.

I know this all sounds terrible, but God had a purpose in allowing me to observe this. I was able to see physically and in the spirit – like I do in my normal daily life. He made me to understand two things. First, I was able to see that though each person was enduring extreme physical pain, the reality was that their souls were no longer in their bodies. In other words, who they really were not experiencing the pain. I guess this would be like having an out of body or near death experience. Secondly, the Lord showed me that in the spirit, each person who did not yet believe in Jesus as their savior was given one last opportunity to receive the gift of eternal life through Jesus. Shockingly, not every one did. There were still people whose hearts had been hardened so fully in this life that even in the face of death and hell, they did not choose life in Christ.

I pray that sharing this experience here would encourage you as it did me.


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