Vision: Satan is the Perfect Counterfeit – Patti Huson

Patti Huson

June 12, 2018

God gave me a vision yesterday in the kitchen. It was Jesus in a desert walking away from me, wearing beige linen robe, barefoot, and a gentle wind. The wind was blowing pieces of material away from him, falling away as he walked. And in my heart and spirit I knew the Lord was telling me again as he told me 6 years ago come away from everything and follow me and I knew the bits and pieces of this like cloth the kept falling off of the sight of him these were the false teachers and false prophets, and false pastors, those who were not of him but said they were from him. And immediately After I saw the vision, I again saw the same vision appear before me. But, I knew in my spirit this vision, identical, was not of God. And the Lord gave me that scripture reminding me satan is the perfect counterfeit. He is a master at deception and he is and has decieved many. Believe me it is a hard hard battle of the mind to learn the truth of the spirit from Jesus and the counterfeit.

God is a Spirit. Flesh cannot understand Spirit. Flesh must die to self so Gods spirit can overcome and rule and reign inside of us. We are the temple of God, His habitation, His dwelling place. Flesh keeps man in the outer court.

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