Vision: San Francisco, CA Bridge huge waves – Buffy Hamilton

Buffy Hamilton

May 6, 2018

The LORD gave me a vision last night. Pretty intense. Ok first i feel extreme shaking in my spirit and then i see the bay bridge. This bridge is in San Francisco. Oakland Bay area in California. My spirit is going up and up and i come to look at the tippy top of the bridge where the cables are and all of a sudden booom the cables break and i can see it flying down and it hits a car windshield and kills a man. It severed his face. The water is just rocking back and forth. Huge waves. I see cars going into the water. Axles on cars have broken and the car wheels have just broke off. I see the wheels of cars sinking sinking down to the bottom of the bay. Now im in a tunnel and i see a train coming it is the bart train that we have here in the bay area and the whole tunnel is filling up with water. People were also in the water screaming and trying to stay afloat and survive. End of vision. I was pretty shookin up after seeing this so i grabbed my bible and i asked the LORD if HE had a word for me. I just start randomly flicking through the pages till i feel in my spirit to stop. This is the chapter HE lead me too. EZEKIEL CHAPTER 7. Im not gonna type out this whole chapter but please google it or open your bibles to read what the LORD gave me. The heading in my bible for Ezekiel ch. 7 says “THE END HAS COME.” Please my friends and family REPENT of all your sins. Seek JESUS NOW! Dont wait. Many people have been having dreams and visions of this big earthquake. Many people have heard from the LORD that this is to come not to mention its in the scriptures and i believe when this earthquake happens simultaneously the rapture of the saints will also happen. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Luvbuf….🙏😇💗


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