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December 13, 2017

I had a prophetic vision about an invasion to USA by Russia and China and also WWIII

The vision started like this…

I was in a room, before me there was a table.

I could audibly hear talks about Nuclear war starting, and it had to do with the USA, I had the knowing that it was going to be a war all over the world, I knew it would be WWIII.

But first, something happened to America, it was either a natural disaster or perhaps a false flag, but it felt very evil and it affected the whole nation and there were a lot of people dead and injured. There was Civil war, or a revolution …. the nation was in chaos and America was already weak.

Then I saw a world map on the table where I saw the USA, Russia and China.

As I’m hearing all the talks in the background coming from different cities in America, I have the sense that the east coast and west coast were attacked.

I remember doing my own map and circling on a piece of paper, very strong around the word USA and right next to the USA, I strongly circled the USSR, I didn’t write Russia, I wrote and circled USSR.

I circled both of them to indicate that Russia was invading America by nuclear war.

There was a lot of talk in the background coming from all over the nation. I could hear government agencies talking and the government couldn’t deal with all the issues going on at once.

Everywhere was chaos, rioting, people crying screaming, weeping,

government agencies on high alert, ambulances, sirens, alarms, darkness outside, lots of disaster, invasions all over America, there was plundering everywhere.

The nation was in darkness (possibly an EMP nuclear attack wiping out our power grid) there was a lot of commotion and confusion perplexity, I had the knowing that there was Martial Law

Russia had attacked first, missiles were being launched from Russia and then China attacked, I had a knowing that both nations were in on it

In China, there were missiles already setup and they were being launched from there. There were so many missiles that were coming towards the USA. Too many to count them.

I started to draw on my piece of paper where the missiles were and what direction they were being launched from. The lines from the missiles I drew were so many coming out to the US

I also had a knowing that there was something else. A secret area where they had missiles and bombs and it was a stealth operation, that’s the word that kept playing in my mind, this is a stealth operation. Unseen, unknown, no one knew where the bombs were, but I could see they were coming from China.

It was a secret because it wasn’t a known place to the world that they had already all the missiles setup and ready for launching. People were not expecting that this is where there were coming from.

I had the knowing that there are technologies that are stealth as well as hidden locations that are stealth and unknown but they already have nuclear missiles ready to launch when they are ready. I woke up.

The Lord gave me Isaiah 47, Jeremiah 50 & 51 and Revelations 18


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