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Vision of The Left Behind – Mark Jestoni Bannoya

Vision of The Left Behind – Mark Jestoni Bannoya

April 10, 2018

I saw a glass bottle, it’s black and red color. The bottle lid was opened, then there’s a reddish dark smoke that came out.

Then I saw a clock, its hand is on 11:52.
Then a bright flash of light. I saw people Taken up intantly, two people were talking, suddenly they both looked up. One was taken, like a snap of a finger, it’s gone.

Then I saw people running on the streets, then I was inside of a church. People inside there closed the windows. The door was locked, and a plank of wood was hammered to the door so no one will enter. Their faces were anxious, they were sitting on these long chairs, praying. They kept quiet, but inside they were afraid. Streets were filled with flames, car being tripped over. Then I saw these soldiers. I’m not sure who they are, but they have an alien. Then this alien gave the soldier a material which I haven’t seen before. When they use it, they can see if there’s a person inside a house. They are in front of a church. They used that gadget, and the alien guy pointed its finger to the church. Then soldiers broke the door, and took them all in a vehicle like a prison vehicle. Then I saw an operating area, scientist, and aliens were doing something on a person. The person screamed loudly. Then they poured liquid on his face. His skin degraded. The flesh melted. What was left was a half skeleton. Then I saw prison cells. Many are being tortured, it looks like a hospital, but inside it’s a torture chamber. Those who are left behind are forced to take the mark of the beast. Those who accepted it, they put signature on the papers.


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