Vision of satanic and occult rituals taking place – Snow White

Vision of satanic and occult rituals taking place

October 5, 2020 10:52 AM
Snow White

Received on September 2, 2020

I’ve been feeling a heaviness for days. Just… like this oppressive weight, this darkness. Everything is off. The atmosphere doesn’t feel right.

I was thinking about the moon. The September full moon. And, I had a similar feeling in my gut when I saw the full moons, double full moons in October. The occult activity. It was like the scene in “I, Pet Goat II” where the rituals were taking place and the fish were jumping into the boat with the Antichrist. The rituals breathe life into the Antichrist.

I saw dark rooms; dimly lit spaces; damp places; forests. I saw men, women, and children. Some were dressed in black robes. There were some that were naked. But, I saw occult rituals happening in many places, many settings, many involving blood sacrifice. Many were children; babies.

I saw fires, in the forests, in the clearings. And, there were various altars in all these places, stone ones. Stone slab ones, and others that were built of natural stone. I saw people holding daggers and chalices filled with blood. And then I saw dead bodies: A sea of dead bodies.

There’s people holding different kinds of daggers. Some one is holding a skull with blood in it. Another one, solid gold or gold veneer. It’s going to be happening on all levels. I think the children will be reserved for the elite, the rich, and high level Satanists. But anyone is technically fair game as we’ve seen.

The number of the dead was higher than normal. That’s where the “I, Pet Goat” scene comes into play again. They’re ramping up for October. The two full moons. A lot of people are going to die from Satanic occult ritual murder. So we have to pray against that. Against witchcraft and all that.

Dead bodies everywhere!

Jeremiah chapters 7-9
Amos 8:3



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