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August 18, 2021
Daniel Masika

Dear Friends and Partners
Greetings and Blessing From Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Lord gave me a Vision on the Woman who was Pregnant and very Dirty ,She was climbing the Mountain and she Gave Birth  to a baby Boy

Auto Generated Transcript

praise the lord my brothers and sisters
and good morning
i hope this finds you well it’s morning
here in kenya
in africa and i want to let you know
that i love you so much
and uh i’ll be able to share the
vision part of this um prayer his name
uh the kingdom of our god
the kingdom about god is a powerful
kingdom is a kingdom that cannot be
shaken and and and i want to speak this
to you
that you need to understand that um we
are in a time whereby the kingdom of god
is uh unshakable uh
the world will shake and turmoil the
world will
have many things that are coming against
on this earth
but our kingdom stands forever song and
i want to remind you what jesus said
jesus said
we are in this we are in this world but
we are not of this world
we are in this world but we are not of
this world
putting in remembrance
that you need to know
the bible says that we are sojourners
and pilgrims on the earth
we are sojourners and perigrines on the
earth you have nothing to get scared of
nothing to get scared of
for we are receiving a kingdom but it
cannot be shaken and the kingdom of our
god is taking over the whole world and
it will only be given to the saint of
the most high god
you are in this world but you are not of
this world you belong somewhere else you
got nothing too scared of and you have
no right to bow to the image
of the enemy satan and the devil and all
the demons for you are chosen
anointed in this generation to cause a
difference i need you to understand
you are
precious in the eyes of god
he has chosen you
he has chosen you to make a difference
you are the agent of a change you are an
agent of a change on this earth
you are not of this earth
you are from somewhere else you are
perignon and a sojourner on the earth
you are in the earth but you are not of
the earth you are from the cosmos and
you are not of the masses
you are living the time
you need to understand that the prophet
thoughtful to see what you sing today
but they could not be here you are here
you are in part of this chosen
an anointed priesthood
fear mapping
we stand here strong
and we’re looking our eyes wide open in
his spirit
to see the king of glory descend
that means
we are living
in a world but they are two different
world into one
world this is jesus said
i will share with you
the vision i have last night
i saw a woman dressed in
very dirty
and this was in a vision
after prayers
so woman
very big tall mountain
very big mountain
even the tallest mountain of the earth
have not been
compared to that
and the woman was crawling
he had no
strength left
this happened
2 a.m in the morning last night
the woman was crawling
and she was about
to deliver she was pregnant woman
but she had a scars
all over her body she discussed
she was climbing
it was
a long challenge
she was very weak
and uh
wherever she where
wherever she she was coming from
sounds like she’s from sabo
but now
she had a target
when the lord was showing me the woman
climbing the mountain
he gave me ability to read
what she was thinking
the woman was saying in her mind
i want to deliver my baby
in a clean environment
but the woman was in bath pain
the woman was in bad back pain um
like she was about to deliver so she’s
this tallest mountain in the world
but she’s going through pain
to give birth but she said to herself
until i climb above the mountain
to get a clean
i won’t give up
until i deliver my baby on a safer
ground i watch the woman
crawl on that mountain
until the top
of the mountain
when she arrived
on the mountain
before she arrived on the top of the
she was about to fall
the mountain was kind of a cliff
she was about to give up
and the voice told her
big voice shouted telling her
are about
to cause the changes
and you have you have no no you have no
you don’t have to let it go move one
step harder
and the woman was about to give up she
was very tired her finger was
was was very tired
her body was very tired and she wanted
to let it go
but she got kind of strength
after the voice said
you are about to arrive
the woman was
cut and brought to
the top of the mountain
and the place on the top of mountain was
the good service
and she travailed
and i gave birth to a baby
when she gave back to baby boy
the voice said
now the nations
and the kingdom
and the world
will know and understand
but there is
the king of kings and the lord of lords
the woman was dressed in white she was
given a white garment
and her baby
when was born
they say to her
she was she’s a woman she’s a child
of a purpose
and uh
and and i and i wanted to know
what what was all this
the angel shouted in my ears and said it
is about
to give birth
you see this
is that the kingdom of god
is about to give birth
the church of god is about to give birth
and all nations
will hear and understand
what is about to happen
you see that the woman
was carrying a revival the woman was
a revival
and he was carrying the healing for the
and she was the baby with the purpose
you know and the lord said to me
it is about to happen
this happened last night he said that
people should get ready is about to
the woman was
was went through a lot whereby he said
the the the woman the angel said to her
they said it’s the kingdom of god and
again he said to me the church of god
he said that he’s about to give birth
we are
almost the age
we are almost to that place
god will never need
any human approval or any kingdom on the
but is coming in in his own sky we
understand that they’re all signs
signs of the coming of the lord
we understand they are signs
but i want to talk to you prophetically
but right now
is the time to turn around
is the time to turn around
and and be ready
so that we can do something different
we can stay in prayer
and know that if the time is about to
and look away look up
and see that the lord is about to come

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