Vision of Michael the Archangel – Victoria Ang

Photos courtesy Depositphotos

Vision of Michael the Archangel

September 4, 2023 4:52 PM
Victoria Ang


While in intercessory prayer today I received a vision. In the vision I saw Michael the Archangel released from heaven on an assignment. In his mighty hand I saw a massive chain ! He was whirling it like a lasso. As it was whirling in the air and gained momentum it became like a massive propeller.

Michael was headed straight for Washington DC. To the white house . As he approached the white house the chain that was now like a massive propeller, hit the top of the White House. As the chain whirled around and around it sliced the TOP of the White House layer after layer. As this occurred I saw many officials start flying out of the top of the White House. As more and more of the inside was being EXPOSED. People in governmental positions were being sliced up and flung out in different directions piece by piece. I saw people in black “justice “system robes also being sliced and flung out of the White House.
Many people in different political parties in higher ranking areas came flying out as the entire White House was being ripped apart by the chain propeller in Michael’s hand. By the end of the vision very little of the once large White House was left standing !
This vision speaks for itself!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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