Vision of Many Small Bonds – Anonymous

Vision of Many Small Bonds

June 2, 2020 2:39 PM

Yesterday, June 1st 2020 I was worshipping, playing guitar and singing a song He had led me to write called “Rule and Reign”. Rule and reign is about the power that God has given us to rise up using the power and authority of His NAME, His BLOOD, and His WORD and how we are called to do greater things than He did. I was crying out and praying for His body to rise up, His church to wake up, and His people to become what they are called to be. To fulfil their destiny.

As I was walking and praying and singing I saw chains being broken off people but then I saw something else. A vision of a large person lying on the ground and being held there by many (as in hundreds) of tiny ropes placed there and being tightened by scores of very small people. I understood immediately that this was a “Gullivers Travels” reference and that the point is we are allowing ourselves to be held down by all these tiny snares. Whether it is fear, busyness, pride or many other tactics of the evil one, God’s people have been kept down by the sheer volume of things ensnaring them. Individually these things might not hold us back, but the number of them is a massive weight for most people.

Start immediately to break free of all these bonds, large and small. Run and fall at his feet and REPENT. Ask Him to show you those things you may not even be aware of that are keeping you down. And then pray for your friends and family to do the same!

Bless you all.


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