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Vision of Hell: “I was in that terrible place of torment.” – Marty Breeden

By Marty Breeden

Vision of Hell: “I was in that terrible place of torment.”
APRIL 20, 2017

For several weeks now, I’ve contended with the Spirit of God dealing with my heart about the message of hell. As Christians we preach, teach and sing of the splendors of Heaven and eternity with Christ, but do we also have the same passion to tell men that although hell was never made or intended for man, many, in fact most will spend eternity in that dreadful place?
Yet the American pulpit does not warn. It largely stays silent about this more than uncomfortable topic.
I received a vision last night, which came on the heels of sensing the Lord telling me to start warning people, and a conversation I had with one of my closest friends, who is not a professing Christian. After this conversation, talking about end times and the return of the Lord and eternity, I was literally grieved in my heart because there appeared to be no urgency in the man nor fear of what may face him.
There seemed to be an odd dread as I laid my head on my pillow last night. A strange sense of fear seemed to grip me that was very unusual. Being a Police Officer for many years, I was somewhat accustomed to dealing with my own fear, often having to run directly into a situation that others were fleeing away from.
The entire vision and all that I saw was amazingly detailed, but I do not have a sense at this time to share everything. I will point out some of what I saw, felt and heard.
First, it is absolutely a place, as described by Jesus, of “outer darkness”. It is a place completely devoid of hope, completely absent of light. The fires and the smoke could be seen literally, and the screams and cries of torment and fear could be heard literally.
I saw men who had given themselves to pleasure and perversion who were now reaping the rewards of their earthly deeds, yet without satisfaction. I saw and experienced the fear and torture of knowing that the place where you now dwelt was your eternal destination and without recourse.
I saw gangs and those who held tightly to racism reaping the rewards of their hatred and murder. I saw demons tormenting those who had ended up in this place. I saw people desperately trying to escape, trying just to move, to change the outcome, but knowing deep in their heart there would be no escaping.
I saw the endless cycle of what appeared to be another day (without light or time), another struggle, another torment and that without remedy. It is impossible to adequately describe the sense of ALL hope being gone FOREVER. It is impossible to capture with words the KNOWING that you have entered your eternity and it will be forever and it will be godless and it will be without light, without hope, without loved ones, and without escape!
The thought screams in your head, “Oh My God!, I’m here in this darkness for ALL ETERNITY, WHY? WHY? WHY? Why did I not choose differently? Live differently? Why did I not cling to God and Jesus when I had the chance and NOW, hopeless beyond any hope I am separated from ALL that I love, and ALL that loved me for ALL eternity!”
I remember grabbing my head in fear and panic, which felt like inescapable insanity. I remember seeing others, some who were famous, and most of them could not fathom that they ended up here.
In God’s mercy, he allowed me to view these things to send the warning to others. I awoke to my own screams, sick to my stomach, but I will NEVER forget the last thing I heard as I was in that terrible place of torment, it has seared my heart and mind forever…
A man who had given his life to gain that which God had not chosen for him, for he chose his own way. His tormented screams were ear piercing and even now they pierce my heart as I can still hear him crying out loud with pain and remorse:
“THIS is not LIFE, THIS is not life AT ALL!!
THIS is HELL! We are IN HELL!!!!!”


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