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Vision of Effects of 5gNano Occupation of the Human Soul

October 28, 2020 6:25 PM

In June 2018,
I received a lengthy, full body vision of the effects of the micro/nanobot implant- without a firewall- between me and the IOT traffic. It came and went during waking hours over a 3 day period and was utterly terrifying.

Two years later, I can’t help but wonder if humans that are pushing this commerce and control matrix, really DON’T know how much evil it will cast on the earth. I believe even those at the top of this scheme are not altogether aware of its full potential for destruction of humanity. It seems to me, only those who are already hellbound themselves could desire such a thing.

I’ve pondered on it many times for understanding. Until recently, when I watched the Google CEO state their nanodot tattoo will contain a technology which enables “dye” to read, record and transmit data on bodily functions.

One morning several months ago, I heard just one word from the spirit as I woke. Cadmium. I looked it up, it’s a metal which is toxic to humans, I didn’t get it’s significance until I eventually learned this metal will be used as the “dye”- in tandem with previously administered hydrogels- in the tattoo. This will self replicate and assemble, creating a scaffold inside the body to wirelessly connect humans to the internet blockchain. All this communication is facilitated by the sickening 5g microwave control grid we’ve all read about.

Now my vision in 2018 is making sense. I was shown that the IOT, or “internet of things” has a haunting, maddening sound, a music of its own. It’s the constant relative humming, buzzing, beeping and repetative droning of all things electrical and wireless running at the same time. It’s the sound of the flow of all that internet traffic and it never ceases.

In my vision, it seemed to get more and more invasive as time went on. The disturbing rhythm filled my mind and body because it was emenating from within me, as I had become a part of it. There was no peace, no escaping it. I actually felt like I was being amped-up to the stratosphere in frequency, twice feeling like I was having a heart attack. It was so dreadful, I actually cried.

If this vision I had should occur in reality, I don’t see how the human mind, or any sentient being’s mind would ever adapt. At a point, all empathy and composure would break down as one became self-obsessed with the occupation.

Please, everyone pray for Jesus Christ’s inheritance and all those who will come to our precious King and Savior in that greatest tribulation of souls.


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