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Vision of China’s Military Rising Up For WAR – Melisa Martin Cooper

Melisa Martin Cooper


My husband had a very detailed vision on his 8 hour train ride to Shanghai China last night 🇨🇳

He said he had a vision and he was looking at a TV screen and he saw a great army rise up out of China and he saw red and yellow stars. He saw thousands if not millions of military men lined up and marching. He couldn’t be sure of the number because it was so great! He said he looked up at the sky and saw 100s of helicopters flying above. He than looked over to some sort of base and saw tanks lined up one after the other and in rows. He said the number was also to many to count. J said it was like they were performing some type of drill for war. He said he also saw in the seas many underwater submarines with nuclear capabilities!!

When he called me earlier to reveal what he saw he said the Holy Spirit took him to Revelations and the battle of Armageddon. He said Melisa what I saw was real!! He said at first fear rose up in him for what he saw and than God have him peace. J told me Melisa if China attacks us we are toast!!! He said the army was so great no one could stand against it!!!

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