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Vision of an Asteroid – Migdalia Costa

Photos courtesy Depositphotos

Vision of an Asteroid

February 5, 2023 4:46 AM
Migdalia Costa


It was sometime in March of 2022, that I had a dream vision. I viewed a large single asteroid, as if I was in space. The quietness of space as I was watching was so profound. The asteroid’s coloring went from brown, which was the end part of it, to a gradually glowing red, to more intensely glowing orange, and then to yellow at it’s front.

I noticed that it did not have a “tail” of debris behind it. It seemed as if it was taking its time in moving forward. I was made to perceive that this is an asteroid of specific size and weight, traveling at a specific rate of speed, on a specific trajectory, to hit at a specific location on earth, at a specific time in our future.

What I found then, and even still profound and mind blowing, is that this is mathematical perfection – as only the Almighty God can do!

It was already traveling towards us when I saw it and know that it is indeed still on its way.

Migdalia Costa

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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