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Vision: Obama’s Plans for Martial Law and Beyond – Cameron Tyler

Cameron Tyler

Vision: Obama’s Plans for Martial Law and Beyond

SEPTEMBER 27, 2016

I was talking with the Lord when I saw a vision of Obama standing at a podium, on the news, beside the American flag as news cameras were flashing all around him as he spoke. He had a small smile as he seemed to be making a speech.
Then I heard a news anchor say, “It’s President Barack Obama.”
As he started speaking, he said confidently, “I will be President again. Ever since martial law was declared it has been more peaceful. The riots have calmed down, and we have become more civilized. This is one step forward.”
Then I heard the news anchor commentating on the speech saying, “This is President Obama’s address after martial law was declared last week.”
Then the vision changed angles and I saw Obama standing before this huge crowd of people as they cheered for him. He had his palms open and outstretched in a manner similar to famous images and portraits of Jesus. Then the Lord said:
“This is symbolic of how they will worship him as if he was Me. And they shall worship the beast and his image (Revelation 13). They wanted a President who would let sin run rampant, let them live in unholy matrimony, and let them kill children in the womb. They will reap what they have sown. He will lead them straight to hell, like a flock of sheep led to be dragged off for the slaughter.
Unless they repent they will burn in hell forever. Unless they repent, I will turn my face against them, and I will deny their prayers, for this nation is in a free fall, and its’ iniquities have reached up to heaven, the stench of their abominations reeks with filthiness, fornication, adultery, and homosexuality.”
Then next I saw the Obamacare logo flash before my eyes with the American flag. Then the Lord said, “The mark of the beast will be institutionalized as part of his healthcare reform.”
The vision suddenly transitioned to a different place and I saw Obama again, but this time, he had a very cold and stern looking expression. He looked right in my direction, but started talking to someone I could not see. He spoke with such an angry glaring look, and said, “You know what you have to do to get martial law declared. We need more riots. The riots are the best thing that could happen. The black lives matter groups are fools. They don’t know I’m setting them up so martial law can be declared, so I can stay in the white house. This is my destiny to stay in office!”
Then the people he was talking to slowly faded into view. They were Muslims, but terrorists to be more specific.
“Bomb Toronto, bomb Oregon,” Obama said. “We need more riots. Martial law is the only way I can stay in the White House.”
They replied, “We will keep bombing them. We will kill them until martial law is declared.”
Obama looked really angry and frustrated as he leaned over his desk and began hitting it, saying, “My destiny is here in the White House! This is my destiny!”
He kept repeating this a few more times angrily. Then the Lord said,
“Satan will use the White House as a breeding ground for all types of evil. However, I am in control. He will only be able to do what I allow him to do. Obama will try to get martial law declared by inciting a race war, so others will fight each other so he can declare a state of emergency. Satan is using the race war that’s already underway to distract others from their purpose and shift their focus to fighting one another instead of fighting the real enemy, the Father of lies, Satan, in the spiritual realm, through prayer.”
Yet again, the vision switched settings, but Obama was still there. He was standing at his desk, as his usual smile turned into a frown. All of a sudden, his face and appearance started to transform, his face turning a blackish red color, and his nose started to stretch out from his face and turn into a snout. Horns started to grow from the top of his head and he grew bigger and bigger, until he turned into a red dragon with many heads, and horns. I did not see how many horns were on his head, but I saw at least four or five heads, but I’m sure it was more.
Then the setting changed again and Obama was back in human form, and I heard the voice of a woman say something about a third term. Then Donald Trump appeared and started saying angrily, “I’m not voting for a third term.”
Then the vision switched to a stage that looked quite similar to the first one, but different. Obama stood at a podium again and starting speaking again and said, “I know these are very troubling times. We are desperately in need of help, but our brethren from the other world here have come to help us.”
Then Obama motioned toward another figure on stage, standing beside him. It was a fallen angel that was kind of average sized in height. He looked extremely evil, and had a scowling pitch black face. He looked like he was ready to kill someone on the spot, but everyone stood and cheered for the fallen angel. I saw his inter dimensional craft on the stage behind them.
Then all of a sudden, I saw a white turban appeared on top of Obama’s head as he held up his hand and said something in another language, that I think sounded like Arabic. The crowd cheered and chanted loudly, responding with the same words. Then Obama shouted, “Allah Akbar!”
They chanted the same words back in unison. Then the Lord said,
“Obama is a Muslim. His religion is false, and he has been fooling the nation into believing he is a Christian. He has been harboring Muslim refugees and letting them immigrate from Syria, because he wants a Muslim takeover, and he wants to let more terrorist groups into this country through the immigration reform. That is why there have been so many terrorist attacks by lone wolf Jihadists. He is not the enemy of ISIS, he is their founder. Why do you think he hasn’t done anything to stop them? It is because he is a Jihadist himself, and when martial law is declared, his fellow Muslims will enter into this country in a swoop, and a world government will be proposed soon after martial law is instated.
Obama’s birth certificate is a fabricated lie, meant to throw off the press, and so those hunting for facts won’t find out. He is much worse than you can imagine. Obama is a very wicked man. He has not shown you his dark side yet, but he will shock people when he gives the United Nations the order to kill all Christians.
I am bringing the truth to light. People who you thought where harmless and holy, you are about see their true colors. I am bringing the truth, and none shall be able to stand when I inflict judgment upon the earth, except those who are Mine, called by My name, and have repented.”
El Shaddai has spoken.

Cameron Tyler


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