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Vision: NYC Nuked – Sergio Peter Rodriguez

Sergio Peter Rodriguez

November 9, 2018

I had a vision a few minutes ago of New York City and a missile falling and a bright light went off. It almost looked like looking at the sun but it was blue white and Fire. I open my eyes and I see a truck with a logo of the California flag the bear. It’s a sign of something going to happen in California. Also a war is coming like nothing we have not seen before, many will die. As I look outside as well I see the black bird. It is pressed upon my spirit that a plague is coming that is going to be killing millions of people. United States will get the worst of it for being mystery Babylon the mother of harlots, she will take a portion of her indignation. Lord have mercy on us all for we will see things unimaginable happen.

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  1. Amen to this Prophecy. I discern it is correct as well.

  2. Martha Solis

    I’m rejecting this prophecy- when I came upon the mention of “black bird” as an omen. As christians’ we do not have any part of occult or witchery symbolism. Take care brothers and sisters in what is presented as a godly prophecy.

  3. Armando Felix

    The bear is Russia. Vladimir Putin is the King of the North as described in Jer. 50-51. They have container ships in the New York harbor full of Russian equipment with troops waiting. They have container ships also far from the east coast. Once they launch their missles, the ship is dunked. The us military knows this as their is betrayal at the top of brass remember Russian troops were trained in our land they know our ways and are very familiar with our tactics hard to take in but it’s deep truth most won’t except it. Not including the genetic testing of people in Antarctica. Very deep Luciferian agenda. Only the Lord can give this revelation. Many dreams have I been shown by the Lord. I just pray for our military personnel that they won’t be deceived and betrayed because it will happen some in the military are sold out to Satan.✝️🔥Peace of Christ.

  4. only a grain of sand

    In 1995 the last time I was in NYC I was given a vision of fire destroying the city. I was leaving the city at the time on the way to the JFK Airport. I went to a church and prayed for the people, missing my plane. That was 23 years ago, I feel it is close, REPENT & PRAY!

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