Lion, Vision

Vision: Moon Turned Dark, Lion Roaring, Great Divide – Christian Tavares Russell

Christian Tavares Russell

November 5, 2017

I woke yesterday morning (11/4/17) to a vision of the moon turning dark and darkness falling across the land. Later I had a vision of a lion roaring.
While in prayer and worship later in the day I had a vision of what I can only describe as a Great Divide. It was like a huge cut out section in the earth. When I asked God what it was….He said the line has been drawn and choices must be made….. for me or against me.
After a dream this morning that I can’t remember a lot about, I heard these words from the Lord.
Beware of time and times and the dividing of time. Dan 7:25
I believe the Lord is telling us to get ready for the great tribulation. I don’t fully understand what part we are in now but let’s be prepared.

That is the key and that is a vision that the Lord gave me actually. He showed me the dividing of soul and Spirit. That is what He is doing.


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