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Vision/Message: Bucket of snakes being poured out upon the earth/The time has come that I have been warning you about – Victoria Ang

Victoria Ang


For two days I have been having a vision of a bucket full of venomous snakes of various sizes. Then today while I was doing work here at the house ,I saw the bucket of snakes being poured out upon the earth. And was given this word from the Lord right after::::

My children the time has come that I have been warning you about.Yet my warnings have gone unnoticed. The earth is about to experience the greatest shaking you will ever have gone through. My heart grieves over the loss soon to come ,on the multitudes of my children that will never reside with me in heaven.
Yet the warnings continue to fall upon deaf ears.Those that have recently been calling upon my name will be given the chance to reside with me eternally.
Children make your choices wisely. As truly ,your eternal life depends upon it. Time is no more and the ark of my safety will soon be closed fully. And much , much pain and suffering will befall those that do not seek me. Children I wish none should perish.
Call upon the name above all names, “JESUS”! I so love you children. But you have free will and you must make your own choices!
Yeshua Hamashiach

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