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Vision – John Holderman Sr.


April 1, 2020 6:46 PM
John Holderman Sr.
Part 1

Dear sister in the love and great compassion of are Lord and Saviours name the only name given on earth or in heaven that richly deserves to be found worthy to open the seals that are ment to bring further salvation and of the most importance the grace full of his glory which He desires more than we can know to share with us as a inherited right ,to those callled as first fruits completed and the first that soon will manifest the riches of His glory not only to the first but unto all to be His bride  coming into the fullness of the total Revelation of Christ Jesus but also to call the Great Tribulation saints out of the Apostacy and into His glorious light washing away spots wrinkles blemishes  and all such things . For as it is written our God will not give His glory unto another but unto those fully sanctified through Jesus Yeshuas beauty as a inherited right for in this completed Holy union our Savoiur intended to be able to open up the fullness of the Kingdom of Heaven even all Jesus Holy fruits to who so ever would come to his beauty as over comers put through personal tribulations which cause his annointed first called out ones to be the first to overcome leaving satan helpless  for these are the first to fully overcome him his tail end and as scripture says the first shall be  last and the last shall become the first to so obtain such a high calling even called ones to be a Royal priesthood from this chosen last generation, purged cleansed made whole unto the fullness of the measure of the stature of Jesus Himself having revealed Himself to His first fruits from humanity and through these He shall purge his spewed out ones that He could not call His Bride for they are luke warm giving lip service while there hearts are far from Him, yes but not forsaken for out of the abundance of His riches in glory He predestined the first fruits to Reveal Him as He really is, this as these chosen ones come forth in this hour for Great Tribulation to transpose those who’s lamps are but half full into the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven which in a short quick work will be  taken around this earth and this for the same 42 months satan comes with great wrath knowing his time is short and with the remnant of the seed of the first fruits who soon come forth as God comes fully into his  of his temple and will also bring these  captives out of evil bondage these over come ones by a waring  satan . YES these overcome ones who John the Revelator  saw in such great numbers whom must also overcome by going through such great tribulation spealing there blood and by the word of there testamony.  Now He who lets will let until he be  taken out of the way or as the Holy spirit stops holding back such evil yet to come. For God will not leave even those Christ has spewed out of His mouth for He has a Covenant with them even though they only to date give lip service and there hearts be far from Christ. A covenant unto  salvations full victory,  and this  as the first fruits go forth to give them this gospel of the Kingdom of  Heaven full of Holy riches full of all restored truths to bring them the refined Heavenly gold in exchange of the apostic riches that turned my temple into a house of thieves and money changers.  Yet all such must go through great trib  to obtain, For even the fruits of the Kingdom of Heaven came to the first to be called out as a result of personal tribulation paved into there pathway as predestination did determan Gods fore knowledge for these. So the full out pouring of the ministry set before these to be first as overcomers  revealing the full Revelation even the totality of Holy Heavenly Fruit of love joy peace patience meekness  tenderness temperance  all longsufferings along with Godly faith to take down all evil mountains, firery evil darts of satan . Leaving him fully defenceless against them, as the manifested sons of God tear down the tail end of satan and turn him over in Holy judgements unto the Holy Angles for it is written no you not the saints shall judge the world and angles.

Part 2

In 1968 I and a life long friend where on my motor cycle 2 blocks from home on way to High school when we where broadsides by a car going 45 or so mph according to police report. The result of the accident tore out 4 tendons atop left foot leaving bone exposed. The bumper of the car had driven  the top of left foot into the crankcase of the motor cycle  engine where a hole opened up from impact. This twisted my foot all the way around separating all muscles tendons in ancle ,leaving only thickness of skin + some thin tissue held my ancle to my leg. The leg bone came out creating a compound fracture just below the leg calf muscle .Every bone in the foot was crushed the big toe tendin was not torn out but all others where from the top of the foot going into the engine as moving parts ate up flesh to bone. We flew 25 to 30 feet in the air and I landed helment to road with my face scraping on pavement  . That wound up as superfical burn but it looked really severe. Phil my friend recieved a fractured leg bone which also came out of his leg.Three days latter I came out of a coma as my dad told me doctors planed on amputation of my leg near ancle. Poisions had set in and doctors saw no other way out but to amputate . But God had other plans and after people from the church of the Nazerene and my parents prayed the poisions receded, doctors knew a miracle was happening so they did reconstructive  surgery 3 different operations and that also was a miracle. Even today doctors say they do not think they would be successful. Doctors put a full length leg cast on me and cut out a window in cast so nurses could pull that 5+5 inch area out to continually pour peroxide on to the open flesh down to bone! 31 days of hospital stay and 8 months of casts then therapy in a whirlpool apporatas and doctors said I would be 75% disabled for life. I no longer could run walked with a limp and wound up with severe lower 5 discs in back become non operable . For 52 years  Ive increasingly lived in pain going to detererating severe arthritis  with bone spurs growing up against the hard scare tissue atop foot and have had numerous open ulcerations in the scare tissue which take 3 months to close up once they develope. This due to very poor circulation of blood atop foot as blood vessels are no longer there to feed the area. Was in hospital with septacemia blood poisioning once. Ive had 3 other operations even having my chest opened as I needed exploratory operation due to gall bladder and the b ack pain . My 5 lower disc are non operable. I lived on the strongest pain medicine for almost 20 years until it turned against me causing even more suffering. This happens after prolonged narcotic use. I went  in detox because of it, so doctors could place me on Soboxin a man made pain medicine that doesent turn on your body. I have to sleep in a recliner as if I lay down the pain levels dramatically rise. I cannot stand in one place nor walk more than out to the car due to pain levels. SUFFERING very much most of life The Lord has allowed it all and much more to bring me to understand how the Apostles could praise God through continual sorrows of various kinds  pressed above measure . So through it all I praise the Lord Jesus our Heavenly Father that he has allowed my sufferings to conquer the carnal flesh to the point where I feel our Lords sorrow dispair over His love for man . Kept me humble warding off guile. Which brings what happened in 1969 one year after the accident took place in a studio apartment in Fort Lauderdale Fla. Phil and  my friend who was in the accident with me, went out on our own. I was 16 and a half year old.  We where living one block off of the New River canal in a sharing rent from a elderly lady whos name was Ariel which in the Hebrew Bible book of Isaiah means Jerusaleum.  The name of the river and her name gained great significance one cold night. Phil and I had come home from a Nazerene Revival where l had very much so wanted our Lord to touch my life.

Part 3

That night we settled down for sleep my dad would come for us to work for his painting company  early morn. I’m silently crying out to the Lord when suddenly He came to me in a mighty way . I wind up saying Phil do you feel any thing ? He says no ,a few seconds latter I say Phil do you feel anything? He says come on man trying to sleep you know we have to get up early. Then after a few more seconds I silently pray please let him feel your presence , and I say Phil now I know you feel something ans his hands go up in the air as he begins to cry and he kept his arms raised for the next 3 and one half hours., which passed by seemingly only a few minutes. The foom began to glow our bodies beg an to glow as the annointing was so strong that with out realizing at the time we where in the process of a purifiction touch tha was simular to how Adam and Eve where and felt in the garden before they sinned!  The electric heater was on that cold nite for Fort Lauderdale Fla. when with in the hot glowing heater images of people formed as in he’ll David there arms up in great pain moving back and forth in the flames trying to swish away the fire and we could hear there tormented screems,and crys. The vision ceases as the intensity of the presents of Jesus grows more and more . We became literally  bound to our beds unable to move. Me left hand was to my side the palm of my hand was open when l realized another hand in mine as a sweet fragrance of oil bubbled upon my hand, the fragrance permeated our scence of smell. As all awhile this took place I was being down loaded with understandings about the manifested sons of God to the fullness of the measure of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. Ever since then I have longer for the touch for I know at least in a great measure how it is going to be. It prevailed until I knew if the intensity  grew any more my flesh would surrender  to the spirit man and die give up my spirit. Pryor to that night there was no understanding no knowledge in me concerning this end day mighty Holy out pouring. I had not as of yet read the bible through and most read surmounted to being tried to the Nazerene doctrine, preaching and teachings.  After the 3 and one half hours the gloing in the room and upon our bodies lifted and we could see it streaming going out the glass jalousy style windows in the front door leaving a sign of a glowing cross than gone. We instantly began to hear singing and instruments playing I could move now so I got up out of bed went to the front door opening up to see who was having a party. When I opened the door I could not hear any thing but Phil still in His bed could hear the same singing with instruments and we realized we where hearinng a heavenly chorus not earthly. By the tim e all this ended and thinggs settle down we slept for maybe 2 hours and my Father shows up for work. As we go out he is looking cat us strangly as we get inside his truck. I begin to tell him what happened and he saw a littl e after glow upon our countenance  but was stunned , he did not know how to process such thngs.  1979 rolls in and my brother and I where in prayer in my wife and my apartment know in the strate o f Washington where we moved to along with mr family from Florida as it had been my Dads dream to return to the west where as a child in kindergarten we lived in the hug 1950s.  Anyways in prayer as I’m lifted up in spirit man to see a vision of things to come. I wound up being in the body and out of the body both as if my spirit had a cord tied to my fl esh. As Im taken in this manor my brother would wing up spoeaking up at times describing what Im seeing even though he was not taken to see and that was a great witness of the whole thing. I found mysel f aboce earth looking down on it to see weather events changing into more and more extremes coming confounded seasonally . This was a brief look of such changes. Suddenly I’m turned around moving into space going past our moon then mars and stopping with the rings of Saturn.

Part 4

Then between men and Saturn appears a UFO saucer shaped and Im moving to go inside. Once there looking around mid point of craft was a thin metallic ring but ever place other than that every thing appears transparent, look8ng into space. Turning around I see a reptillian outline of a figure strong j aw featurex sunken in round eyes boney like cheeks and skull.  It was moving its webbed finger type hand over wh at looked like a screen hanging in mid air which had glowing hyergliphics  in it mentally  operating the ship. My attention was drawn to look through the tran sparent ships walls to see these glowing bars of lights. I hear this represents great evil in the craft that will be coming and the bar like jail bars glowing represent my heavenly angles  holding such evil back from coming in its fullness to earth until such time the restrainer allows it to take place. The restrainer of Thess. 2 ch. 2 the restrainer who lets untill he takes himself out of the way is as told it means to say, having nothing to do with the rapture or the Holy Ghost leaving a Great Tribulation church with out the Holy Spirit. So after seeing and being told by the Holy spirit what that represented I’m being taken back through space back by Mars, our moon to see earth looking now at what I knew was the Atlantic Ocean and then the craft that I had been in sweeps down and plunges into the ocean and upon the Water I see a freighter ship which suddenly disappears under the water and there was no turbulence no storms of any kind the ship just was gone and then I find myself taken into the ocean to see a huge round Dome resending under the Sandy Bottom and suddenly I’m under the ocean floor to see a giant Cavern and over to one side the freighter laying on its side and a lit area to another side to see what look like surgeons in white standing around a surgeon’s table with a body on it a human body and the spirit of God says that man was on that ship and he did not know me. I was told the surgeons dressed in white represented Fallen ones that are creating for themselves bodies as hosts that would look alien but some would remain human looking and these would come forth with the greatest deception Satan brings upon mankind that they would even bring a representative of Christ saying he is Jesus which the Pope will bear out. Then I see a flickering white bluish round orb rise up out of the human body that was being operated on and for blacker than black orbs rush around it and the white orb was the spirit of that man that was in the freighter and the black orbs were demons come to take charge of the man spirit and they started going downward and I find myself moving behind them going downward into what looks like a volcanic shaft and at the other end of the shaft it opens up into a gigantic Lee use Cavern that seems to possibly be hundreds of miles long or white and down in as it were the huge Valley of the caverns floor were thousands and thousands and thousands times thousands of flickering white bluish Souls spirits of those that are in the abyss and around every one of them were all of these black demon orbs giving out punishment to all of the spirits which I could hear crying and moaning a horrific sounds with echoing voices of evil Authority whipping out pain the Holy Spirit within me was so grieved so sad it was very very grieved. My attention was drawn way way way over to one side of this use Cavern and there were blackish and oranges and yellowish grayish Billings of smoke rising up and I was told this was hell this was the Lake of Fire but I would not be taking over to pier in and then I began to move again and I are being taken upward now up a different volcanic tube or shaft then I had come down found it after a ways this monstrous looking thing was standing eye-to-eye with me it had huge big round black eyes grayish greenish snakes like skin with big scales all over its body they had was like half moon shape that came directly down onto the shoulder these you’d shoulders

Part 5

This monsterous child of the fallen ones screams out turns to run away. I realized that this thing had recognized my essence and it was in horror as it ran away but I am kept moving up this shaft and far away I can see this dim light and I keep moving and in front of me to the side I could see these things laying on the ground and they had what I can say in honesty looks like the head and face of the alien in the alien movie Alien movies but it had faces not just one necessarily one face but distorted faces of man and it has long swirly like hair that had golden yeah I guess you would say their crowns because of what the Bible says they are but they stated they were several of them and they were tied to the hair near the head and and the body was in the form of a scorpion it each one of them seem to have at least four wings and the stinging tail of a scorpion and they seem to me to be very lethargic and hardly moving at all like they were in hibernation and of course it was what John the Revelator described that is has the king of apollon  and Abaddon over them. I continue to move and the light at the end now forms into a cross and I’m told these places are sealed and they are many and the seals will be broken and the Monstrous children will come out as well as armies of Legions and as I am passing through the seal I see the out Outer Skies of the Earth in tremendous black swirling destruction as the light of God breakthrough and dispels Away With The Darkness and that means what it what it was what it was shown that the glory of God is going to break through the great evil darkness and the Victorious at the through the end of the Great Tribulation up up and all the way through the great wrath of God upon all that have taken the mark of the beast the kingdom of the Beast and the Beast itself in the false prophet. I then find myself fully back into the apartment with my brother and as I said during the experience he had been saying at certain time certain the very things that I have described and a horrific feeling hit us and in our my in our eyes spiritual eye we could see a huge black spider scratching at the front door and you could hear the scratching and it felt like if you were in the woods pitch-black and you just knew there was something really wrong and bad and you just had to get out of there. This when suddenly the room filled with the presence or odor of freshly baked bread twinkling lights came down through the ceiling and we could hear I am the bread of life and Satan has come to stop men from seeing such things and I am here to make him go away for I have much more yet that I must show you. So I go back into in the body and out of the body and I see myself once again above the Earth looking down on the United States of America and I see on the East Coast horrific hurricanes and tornadoes and storms and great snow and I see how it progresses and progressively gets worse and worse and worse until finally I see the great ice and snow from the far north all the way down into Florida and from space it literally look like it look like the snow drop down like it was you no really high I build up almost like a glacier. And my attention was drawn to the West Coast and I could see the fires breaking out up and down the West Coast and how that they would intensify and finally that they would become very more numerous and more numerous and a great big cluster in California and I am sure that when the fires hit the area down there where it burned thousands homes last year or the year before that was that was that and this was all the time frame building up to the Great Tribulation and I saw trouble on our Southern border with Mexico and we had troops down there and I could see circles within circles with within circles spreading out over Southwestern Texas right at the border and and I could see people very discontent in cities with armies a soldier moving in with nurses and handing out supplies medicines water food in our own cities. And tremendous flooding and crop failures.

Part 6

Farmers very oppressed will essentially mean famine will come. The red fires breaking out also had a double meaning for war will come into our country. Then my attention was drawn to the Mississippi River Valley area from north Chicago Lake Michigan to south to the Gulf of Mexico a giant earthquake hits creating what looks like a Grand Canyon and it fills up with water from Lake Michigan pouring over Chicago going on down to the Gulf of Mexico creating a Inland Sea 75 to a hundred miles wide which will cut off the movement of all products it’s going to be horrendous. The earthquake will be felt by over nine states from New York down to Florida and over to the west side of the Mississippi. At the time of this Vision I had never heard of any Madrid fault line. And what I was shown was not if it’ll happen but that it will happen. I could see southern Florida covered over by water I could see huge waves breaking in on the East and the West Coast, 1 wave up in the Northwest was 1000 feet high. It broke over a highway that leads you from Olympia Washington over to the Pacific Ocean and that is around the height of a thousand feet. My attention was drawn to New York Harbor where upon a destroyer stood Sailors dressed in white pointing out to the east where I see missiles inbound having a sickle and a star on them back then representing the Soviet Union back in 79. And I didn’t even know that the we had a navy ships in the New York harbor back then. New York turns to powdered cinder blocks she will be nuked and none of this is long from now. Since having this Vision others have come forward seeing the exact same Mississippi river valley area earthquake and New York being nuked and water over Southern Florida and big waves coming in. At home I have all this written down since 1979 and at the beginning of the vision when talking about what’s coming before the war and before the giant earthquake in the Mississippi, it says first will come great flooding Farm crop failure great Heat more flooding great snowstorm from north to south bigger bigger than ever. These things happened 2019 and it is written that after these things is when the Mississippi will have this earthquake and after that war. I heard one person on Stan Johnson Prophecy Club say 30 days after the giant earthquake in the Mississippi Russian soldiers will land in the swamps of Delaware taking advantage of our plight. 30000 troops and within a month another hundred thousand and that it will take one and a half to two years for our military to finally drive that enemy out. I know that the main reason that I was given the 68 wreck and the 69 vision and the 79 vision all is based around the manifestation of the sons of God during the Great Tribulation who come forward to help in the purification of the Great Tribulation Saints and to fight against the Fallen Angel monstrous children demons and such using the sword of the spirit of God, they will be defeated. Now we know we have Nibiru shaking the heavens the Earth. The Old Samaritan text as well as the Book of Enoch as well as the Bible speak of Noah’s day with the great evil to repeat and the Samaritan text tell us that the god-like beings left Earth and promised to return. I’ve since been shown that they said they went to the Nibiru Planet system and that this time Nibiru has gone in orbit around our sun and that they will mount their great attacks to come from there because from there its just the wink of an eye to them from us. There was a young boy who died for 45 minutes and came back to life and told his mom that there was going to be a really bad third war but he said Mom that’s nothing compared to what’s coming when the demon Armies come they’re going to eat people mom. You may have heard all of this yourself but it came time for me to obey the spirit of God and speak out to certain ones and that’s what I’m doing. I will see you in the places of safety or and where we will be as one Speaking being Jesus revelation.

Part 7

I could see our Capitol building in WASHINGTON  DC . Inside sitting upon a ancient black throne set a black snake. All over this throne where jewels gleaming out pure evil.  ABOVE the capitol building was a eagle that turned upside down going limp. I could see Pres.Jimmy Carter smiling: back then he was our President. This was significant as vision  pointing out the fact that a favorite son would come representing this black snake. The bible speaks about antichrist being one of her favorite sons.                           Big black chains come down sweeping around the capitol building. The last two years of Obama’s term we saw black scaffolding going around  capitol building as contractors polished repaired the round part of the building or the Rotundra. I saw Roman banners and ancient looking Roman solders carrying them along with old Roman brass imagry. This represented a New World Order being brought into our government. A few years ago a video called, I am MahdiI I am Antichrist:  Obama’s own staff shopped a picture of Obama sitting on a black ancient throne as him being as the title of that video says.  I got to tell you I almost fell over seeing that throne, it was exactly the  throne I saw in the vision minus the gleaming jewels. Obama came into office saying he was a Christian yet highly favored the Muslims. He went to Egypt on that appolagy  tour . After that the spring muslim brother hood rose up in Egypt with violence. And Obama had Secretary Clinton strand down over Ben Gazy allowing Ambassader plus to die . All Obama needed to do was tell Sec. Clinton to send help from our Carriour ship with fleet just two miles off shore of Libyas  coast to save those men. No saving them for too much was known about how ISIS was birthed and helped by our CIA with Obama’s blessings being a Muslim hater of our country.  All along Obama was setting things up to bring America down and raise up Madhi red flag of war. Obama gave billions to Iran for same cause and now Iran raised Mahadi red flag up for the first time as Trump tries to reverse Obamas traitorous acts. OF course plenty of USA WEAPONRY fell into ISIS hands that Pres Bush jr  left for them in Iraq. This because Papa Pres. Bush had his dream of 1000 points of lights a reference to the N.W.O.  WHICH needs chaos in middle east and USA. to help  plans and get money made in war to set stage for WW3 .  Which plans are still on going to do. For a long time NWO ELITE have been working towards there goals and these acts are but a little of that cakes frosting. Now with this Corona viris we have out right open talk over seas of the NWO. There has been a lot of documented fact about Obamas true birth place on a small Island in Indonesia of few: small beginings the bible says. where his look alike father was high priest of Rising of the sun cult . The same sun banner Obama ran under for the Preidency. When Obama accepted nomination of Democrat party for pres. THERE WAS THE REPLICA OF PERGAMAS BEHIND HIM THE SEAT OF SATAN. IN TURKEY the real Pergamas seat of satan was found as spoken of in New Testament. Remember how Obama read out of bible ; be still and know I am God. At his fare well dinner he recited words from the Red wedding the sceen where a Kings enimies  where invited to a wedding and men shot them dead with cross bows, Obama’s words shut the door let’s get this over with right now after he made a sly rem ark about Republican enemies at dinner, Obama was not laughing along with the crowd. Hope you understand ! Obama is He who was is no more but shall be again. He is the only President to chair the UN council in New York where he works to positions for NWO LEADER. THIS while 2 miles from Trumps Preidency In Washington DC. Pulls strings still using thousands of his minions to oppress, vex Trumps  deeds to clean up the swamp. Well  He is the son of perdition . The black snake. AMEN




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