Fireballs, Texas, Vision

Vision: Fireballs falling in central Texas – Lester Haines

By Lester Haines

Vision of fireballs falling in central Texas.

“Very early in the morning of April 4, 2017, the Lord prompted me to begin praying for the lost. As I prayed, I brought family and acquaintances before him asking that He would draw them to Himself. Then I prayed for the thousands of individuals lost in my area (where I live) and those who are blinded by various religions and by the demons of hell. I asked that Jesus would set the captives free and open the prison doors of those who were held captive by the devil. I prayed the strongholds in the region would be destroyed and brought down.
As I was praying, the Lord showed me a bird’s eye view from a high point in my neighborhood that has a panoramic view of a large part of central Texas looking north along IH35. The scene was at night, probably just after dark. The entire area was illuminated by the glow of fires as far as the eye could see. These fires had been caused by multiple fireballs that had already impacted the entire region.
Smoke and flames billowed skyward from the site of each impact area. Numerous other fireballs streaked toward the earth followed by long trails of black smoke. These fireballs came from the north and came straight in at about a 30-degree angle to the horizon. They seemed to be composed of a black burning substance. The fires created by these fireballs were so intense that every structure that had not been hit was clearly visible. I could see some houses and streets. There were no vehicles moving through the streets.
I sensed no one had been killed by the fire from Heaven. The people had all run out of their homes, businesses, and churches into the open in an attempt to escape the fiery destruction impacting the whole area. They all seemed to be frozen in space. An eery silence was across the entire region.
As I pondered what I was seeing, I asked the Lord what was happening since I had just spent time praying for the salvation of the lost. I remembered that we serve a God who desires for all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. He revealed this was His answer to both of my prayers concerning the salvation of the lost and the destruction all the enemy’s strongholds in this region. His judgment came as purifying fire from Heaven. His judgment burned away all the attachments of the saints to things of this world. All the things they had held onto so tightly were all being totally destroyed by fire. The fireballs were burning, destroying, and bringing down every idol of man and every stronghold of the enemy which was used to hold men captive.
He was revealing to every person that He alone is the Lord God Almighty. Through His judgment by fire, saints were purified and many who were not saved turned to Jesus for their salvation.
Today, as I continue to ponder this vision and the revelations the Lord has given, I am very encouraged and blessed. I continue to rejoice and be thankful for the grace and mercy that God shows His church in His judgments. It is such a blessing that His Mercy triumphs over His Judgments. I am so thankful that He will destroy every stronghold that and that sets itself against Jesus. How wonderful that He sets men free from the captivity of the enemy and they are saved. Lord, may your perfect will be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven.”


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