Vision: Earth Flooded by God’s Hands – Patti Huson

Patti Huson

January 6, 2018

God gave me a vision a little while ago.. I saw the entire earth in God’s hands were both holding each side..

Then God tilted the earth to the right, and everything shifted…I saw huge water to the right all in the earth, great flooding, and on the left huge pieces of the earth brought up, from massive earthquakes….The Lord told me His showing me him tilting to the right meant, he is going to move and speak to the righteous, he is going to destroy all the works of men, it is His time to bring down all that is not of him.

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  1. My God!

  2. We who live here in the great expanse of the Alaska wilderness have been watching for evidence of this shift coming, the tilting of the earth in some form or other. It’s great news to us!
    I expect by Words of the past that Alaska will one day soon be moved into a warmer climate by a coming pole shift. I’ve archived Words speaking of the melting of the glaciers & of a warmer climate coming. Some have even prophesied of cities & places in Alaska to be used as safe places of refuge to the many homeless who will lose everything in the days ahead, after great earthquakes strike in the lower states. When I first read those prophecies, I wondered who would want to come here with such cold winters? But back then, I wasn’t thinking of the climate change coming when the Lord “turns the world upside down” as He has so many times said He will do. Many people thot He was speaking figuratively, but can you imagine the vast expanse of open unspoiled frontier land that will be made available for new settlement when the world is literally tilted or turned upside down? I have some Words saved from years ago speaking of how the Lord “is doing something special in Alaska” & that as judgments fall on the nation & the world, He will not remove His hand from off of this state! Now that’s an incredible promise considering that is exactly what He is doing in the lower states, removing His hand to allow the coming shakings & judgments to unfold. I believe I’ve read Words about the coming judgments in general, that said the whole world will feel their effects & that no place will be exempt from the shakings. However, I’m very hopeful for those many believers living here in Alaska, that life ‘under the hand of God’ will be far better off than life any place else in the world where the Lord removes His hand from any nation! I’m aware of one prophecy where the Lord said that “when Russia attacks Alaska, He will pull them back & not let them come ashore”, in so many words. However, He says He will let them attack & come ashore in the lower states. Also, that Alaska will recede from the union during the coming break-up of the land, & form it’s own new nation. We are being led right now to pray that the Lord will establish righteous leaders at the head of governments, everywhere, to call the people to repentance. Can you imagine what a blessing that would be if this happened inside a new nation forming, purposely set aside unto God? Then the poor, the needy, the homeless, & unemployed could be invited to come & live in our wilderness places? Many up here already see this land as like the biblical “Land of Promise” and even name their businesses after the word ‘Promise’. Remember that Israel was delivered from Pharaoh into the wilderness areas when they left Egypt? So, if in the worldwide shift happening right now, the Lord speaks to you personally to pick up your belongings & move north to Alaska, please don’t shrink back or be afraid of such a directive. For you might discover you’re being guided directly into an unrealized wilderness oasis? Please bring plenty of garden seeds when you come, & a few palm tree seedlings. rick

    • Hopeful

      Hello rick: is there a link? or otherwise to stay connected, explore the possibility of Alaska in these end times?

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