Vision: DON’T BE LEFT BEHIND – Rachael Mushala Chisulo

Rachael Mushala Chisulo

April 23 2016


In a vision at night,today the Lord showed me a glimpse of what awaits everyone who will be left behind in the rapture.
Firstly I was shown a long list of names.
The list was so long it went all the way to the ground.
These were just normal names people name their children.
Then the Lord said to me,”do you see all these names?These are names people name their children and they think they are just normal names . But do you know that all of these names are actually names of demons?”
I was shocked to hear this.
Then the Lord continued and said,”yes,they are names of demons.Look,these are the demons which own these names.”
The Lord then showed me different kinds of demons,calling all of them by name.Names which many people innocently bear and even name their children!
The evil spirits were in different shapes,forms,sizes and all had different specialities.
Some were mountain demons,river etc but they bore names that even humans bear.
The Lord then told me,”When people name their children by these names they are unknowingly paying homage to these demons and inviting them into the lives of their children.
Be careful what you name your children.Dont just name them any name but rather know the history behind that name because names can carry spirits.
I was then shown the suffering of people left behind after the rapture.
I saw alot of demons rushing to the earth.I also saw many that were already on earth manifest their real form.
The whole earth was in terror.
These demons and would locate people who still wanted to serve God and torture them in unimaginable ways.
I also saw that these people were starved of food and water.The demons were working with people from law enforcement agencies in countries and they would capture Christians and torture them till they renounce Jesus.
Both the demons and the people they were working with had one mission;to win as many people as possible for satan.
I saw that the left behind Christians had no access to food or even water.
They were kept in cage like cells and were constantly under guard.
They would go for days on end without food or water,then when they were so weak and almost dying,they would give them just a little bit of food just to keep them alive so they can keep torturing them.
Then again they would go without food for days on end till they were almost dying again.
And they would do the same with water.
They would only give them water after so many days just to prevent them from dying of thirst so they can keep torturing them to accept the mark of the beast.
The suffering was unbearable,so terrible that when I saw all this I just began to cry,tears were pouring out of my eyes like water and I was asking the Lord to help me be ready for the rapture.
I also saw that it was very hard for anyone to pray because there was no Holyspirit.
The Lord told me,”this is why you have to pray without ceasing because if you are not praying you will not be ready.This is why you have to seek God and cry out to Him to help you be ready.”END


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